Summer is almost here. And this year, the summer will be more special in the sense that everyone is looking forward to the event of the year: The Summer Olympics. This summer, the Olympic Games will be hosted in London, UK, the sports capital of the year 2012.
For those who come to support their country in the Summer Olympics, it might be a daunting task to navigate one of the biggest cities in the world, despite London’s authorities trying to accommodate everyone and with public transportation from any point of the city.

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10 iPhone Apps for 2012 London Olympic Games

New bus lines, new underground and train station, all in preparation of this impressive event. Even so, the most help you will get if you go to London this summer will most likely be from your trusted smartphone. But for it to give all the information you need and to guide you to where the action is taking place, you will need a few apps: Olympic Games Apps. If you own an iPhone, then the following list will be of great use to you. These apps will help you navigate the streets of London and give you full time coverage of London’s Summer Olympics.

10. London-2012


If you want to be first in line for the London Olympics in 2012, then London-2012 is the app that will tell you just how much time you still have to wait, to the second. The simplicity of this app is its main feature, displaying a countdown timer for those who are impatient and a trivia quiz about the Olympic Games to keep you occupied until the Summer Olympics start.

9. London Free WiFi


If in London, search for free WiFi”! London Free WiFi is a great app for finding cafes and restaurants that offer free wifi and it stores their location on your device so you can access them offline. Also, you have the possibility to use the GPS feature to find free WiFi hotspots near you or search by neighborhood or zip code to find them in other parts of London. A great app to have with you to avoid roaming charges or slow Internet connections.

8. London Guide – mTrip


A complete travel guide of London where you can find just about any information you like. The app offers its users awesome features such as full offline capabilities, search for stores, cafes, restaurants, hotels and so on, track via GPS your location and it gives you information on how to get to your destination via Underground or by foot. Also, you can use the augmented reality feature to information in real time about places you visit. An app you cannot travel without in London!

7. Public Transport London


Public Transport London, formerly known as BUS – London Edition just got a complete makeover. Now you have all means of public transportation in London in just one app. From buses to tubes to river, all TFL stations and public transportation stops ready to give you the best route possible. Also, you can now track your location and get instant information on where you have to change buses or transportation method. Also, by using the GPS receiver and bird’s eye view on bing maps, you can see in real time where you are and where you are going.

6. iLondon 2012


One of the most complete apps available for the Olympic Games of 2012 is iLondon 2012. This app will give you complete coverage for the duration of the Summer Olympics and a great deal of information available in a few seconds. Look for country rankings, number of medals, news feeds, athletes or calendar, anything you need in one little app. Also, with the latest update, now you can view detailed high resolution graphs on The New iPad.

5. Around The Rings – Olympic News


With over 20 years experience in giving the world sports news, Around The Rings is one of the best ways to get the freshest information about the Olympic Games. Using this app, you will benefit from most accurate information possible, directly from the scene of the most important events presented in the Olympics.

4. London 2012 – Olympic Games


Get a personalized calendar with only the events that interest you in just a few seconds, using London 2012 – Olympic Games. In just two easy steps (1. Download the app, 2. Make your selection) you have a complete events list based on your preferences (gender, venue, event type, sport etc) imported to your personal calendar, so you won’t miss a single event during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

3. London 2012


London 2012 provides users with great features to help them get the best information about the Olympic Games. With maps and GPS tracking to give directions to where the events are held, live newsfeed and all sorts of other useful information at your fingertips, you can’t leave home without this app! A definite must have!

2. 2012 Summer Games London Offline


A simple and user friendly interface that offers you a vast amount of information about the Summer Olympics and Paralympics games with 5 easy to read and easy to navigate tabs, all of this completely offline. Also, this app offers you a countdown to the Olympic Games start, key facts about each sport played, maps to the locations where each sport will be played and much more.

1. 2012 London Games


A countdown to the start of the Olympic Games and a complete coverage with news and all sorts of information at your fingertips. This is what the 2012 London Games app has waiting for its users. Get instant information about any event you like and much more. A great app to have at the Summer Olympics of 2012!

All you have to do now is pack your bags and charge your iPhone and you are all set to visit London for the summer. If you’re an Android owner, we have some Summer Olympics apps for you! Go and cheer for your nation’s team and do your part in helping them bring home the gold medal. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget your charger!

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