Google Chrome is one of the top choices of users surfing the Internet today and has constantly been competing with Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for the number one spot in the most popular browser top. Chrome came to see the light of day in 2008 and is based on the WebKit layout engine.


Google Chrome Becomes Most Used Browser

And now, all the hard work Google has been putting into Chrome seems to have finally paid off, when browser control firm Statcounter released information according to which Chrome has now dethroned Microsoft Internet Explorer as the most popular browser in the world. Chrome smelled the scent of victory briefly for one weekend back in March when it climbed to the number one spot but then fell down again. The StatCounter firm compiles data from more than 15 billion page views which cover more than three million websites.

Microsoft claimed back then that the numbers were not correct, but the reality is that average users have a tendency to prefer Chrome. The race between Google and Microsoft has been very tight, both companies snatching about 33% of global users, but since last week Chrome has been taking the lead vigorously. This might be related to the fact that average users have been starting to get more and more educated about technology in general.

Online Surfers Are Becoming More Tech Savvy

They don’t just use what comes by default anymore; they search, compare and take alternatives, if necessary (just like they do with search engines). On the other hand, online-surfingChrome offers some pretty tough to beat functionalities. The first one and most important is speed. And speed is what your usual Internet surfing maniac is looking for.

Try loading a tumblr page in Internet Explorer and try the same in Chrome. You will feel the difference up to your most deep cortical levels. To achieve this, the V8 JavaScript engine was developed, which brought along new optimization techniques. The speed is not only related to loading sites but to browser start-up time as well. Secondly, Chromes enables separate processes for each site users access, so if one site crashes or is stalling the other tabs won’t feel the effect of it.

Speed and Versatility – Success Ingredients

An interesting path Google has decided to embark upon is the releasing of a large part of the Chrome source code which they called Chromium. This has enabled developers to access and modify at will the insides of Chrome, thus making it available for Mac or Linux users, spreading the browser’s dominance in the World Wide Web. Making the Chrome browser more popular could ease the way towards a smoother Chrome OS adoption, even if Google might need 2 different versions to fight againts Apple and Microsoft.

Last but not least, Chrome offers a neat and clean interface that’s not overcrowded by tool bars and useless additions. And this is great news because it means technology is making its way into our lives and people are becoming more tech-savvy.

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