Are you looking for the perfect job? Applying CV’s everywhere only gets you so far. The trick is not only to have a great CV, but also be on lookout for new jobs. Be the first to apply and you have a better chance of catching that interview.

How to Keep up With all these New Jobs?

The trick is to be vigilant at all times and keep an eye out. A job opening can come any minute, and you have to be prepared to apply. The best way to keep informed about new job opportunities is to use a tool that is always at your disposal: your smartphone. Android or iPhone, it doesn’t matter really, any one of them will do just fine, all you need is a CV, an internet connection and a Job Search App installed on your smartphone.

Top Smartphone apps for Searching Jobs

These apps will allow you to be always on your guard and search whenever you want for new openings. As long as you are informed about every job in your department, you can’t go wrong. Just remember to look as often as you can. Also, these apps can help you search for jobs everywhere you are. When you have a spare minute, just fire it up and start looking. Browse through the categories you are interested in, see what companies are looking for new employees and see what skills you need to land that job you wanted so bad.


5. Monster Job Search


Search for jobs and save them or email them instantly. Monster Job Search allows you to do just that. It brings together thousands of jobs and it allows you to quickly browse them and find the best one for you. Also, it can email you when a particular job openings so you can be the first one there and have the best chances of getting it.

4. Job Search Engine


LinkUp’s Job Search Engine allows users to search jobs from the companies they want, directly from their own websites. So the fresh jobs will be on your Android device as soon as they are announced. Give it a try and see just how good this app is.

3. LinkedIn


If you are in a hunt for jobs, then the name LinkedIn is not a new one. This social network for finding jobs allows you to create a network of people and companies and make yourself known to others. This Android job hunting app is a great tool for searching for jobs from your favorite companies and also meet people that can give you feedback and help you get what job you want.

2. Job Search Hire-A-Droid


Anyone serious about finding a job should give this app a try. It brings together the world’s biggest job networks into one simple app that you can use to find just about any job possible. A great tool for those who really want employment.

1. Job Search

android-Job-Search, a name many know. If you are looking for a job, then this is where you will probably search first. And because of that, the Android Job Search app that takes home the prize is Indeed’s Job Search. Using this app will allow you to quickly browse through all the best jobs and it will help you find the one for you.


5. GFT iJobs


By downloading this app you will be able to search for any job, in any department you want, in a matter of seconds. The simple and intuitive interface is easy to read and you can input the exact information needed to find the job you are looking for. So no more bad results, no more spending time browsing endless pages with sales representative when you are looking for an engineering job. Find exactly what you need, when you need it.

4. Job Finder


Job Finder keeps you on top of all the jobs available from multiple sources at any given time. This app features a very easy search mechanism and it provides users with very detailed results and because it gets information from multiple websites that list jobs, there is no fear of missing jobs listen in only one place. job Finder offers coverage for a variety of jobs and domains, so everyone can find a job they enjoy.

3. Craigster


Everyone has heard of Craigslist. It surely needs no introduction. With Craigster you can search for jobs and see what’s new anytime you want. Also, this app has the added benefit of being able to show you much more information. So if you don’t find that job you always wanted, you can always buy a new bike. Give it a try and search through thousands of listings. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky.

2. JobCompass


Steering you in the right direction, JobCompass is the perfect tool to aid you in your search for the perfect job. With a database of over 2 million jobs, you are surely going to find something to suit your needs. And after you do so, check out the map showing you where to go for the interview. A great app with very nice features that will definitely give you the upper hand when searching for jobs.

1. Jobs


Careerbuilder’s Jobs app is without a doubt one of the best apps to find jobs with your smartphone. It features GPS tracking of jobs near you so you can get there as fast as you can and a massive database of jobs for you to choose from. Also, it gives you notifications on your desired jobs and categories, so you can always know what openings are listed and where to submit your resume.

With these apps at your disposal, you will be informed about any job opening and you can search for any category of jobs. All you need now is the patience to find one that suits you, the CV to impress the employer and the skills to convince them you are the best.

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