Exactly an year after announcing the iOS 5, Apple is all set to unveil the next major iteration of their popular mobile operating system, iOS 6, at the WWDC 2012 which is scheduled to be held from June 11th-15th in San Fransisco. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook will be giving the opening keynote at 10am PT where he is expected to announce iOS 6, new range of Macbooks, OS X Mountain Lion, iCloud updates and SDK for Apple TV.

This might be the first time that we know so many things to expect from an Apple event! Nevertheless, brace up for something more. If you are keen to get hold of the happenings at WWDC 2012, below are some live blogging links, which promises minute by minute updates of the keynote, which starts at 10am sharp. Click here to know the start time in your timezone.

WWDC 2012 – Live Blogging Links

1. Engadget

2. CNET Live

3. MacRumors Live

4. Ars Technica

5. The Verge

6. TechnoBuffalo

7. Gizmodo

8. MacLife

Watch WWDC 2011 Live Streaming Online (#hope)

Let’s get this right. Apple has never live streamed their WWDC keynotes before and saying that the chances are bleak this time around will be an understatement. Yes they have live streamed couple of their other launch events in recent past, but not the WWDC. We can still hope though. You can keep a tab on these links.

1. Watch WWDC 2012 online – If not anything, be sure to find the recorded video of the keynote over here.

2. Watch WWDC 2012 live streaming on Twit Live TV

Over the last couple of years we have seen some daring developers who tried to live stream WWDC keynote but ended up getting caught by the Apple police and eventually got evicted. Let us see if we manage to find similar souls this time as well. Be sure to check this page for updates just before the event starts on June 11th.

Update: As promised, here is the first unofficial live stream. Keep your fingers crossed.

Live video from your Android device on Ustream

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