The iPhone and the iPad, as true pioneers in the consumer technology field, are slowly becoming versatile gaming tools. While some of us are still waiting for Apple to release a stand-alone gaming console, others try to adapt and interconnect the technologies that are available right now. Such an example is GameDock for iOS, a game console that wants to port your iPhone games to the much larger screen of your TV.

Experience iOS games on bigger screens with handy controllers

You might think that playing iOS games on a big screen might seem like a waste of space, since indie games seem to be meant for smaller screens. But recent projects, like the open-source Oyua gaming platform based on Android, seem to show that casual gaming is getting a broader adoption, even amongst kids. It seems that GameDock’s mission for our iOS device might be useless, since we have the AirPlay mirroring in iOS 5, but the gaming experience might not be want you want and it will still rely on touchscreen.

At the moment, like many other bold projects in the tech world, GameDock is almost fully funded on Kickstarter. We’ve written about Clik, an application that lets you port your smartphone screen, but the caveat was that it didn’t have controllers. GameDock for iOS comes with controllers based on the Bluetooth input standard developed by the engineers behind iCade (covered in our collection of the best appcessories for iPhone and iPad).


Here’s what the founders, Greisel and Jorgenesen, had to say about their project:

“I loved NES when I was a kid, and still do really, so I immediately started developing around those controllers. We certainly have discussed using other controllers, like SNES, but the look and feel of the NES controller just got me excited. Plus, there is beauty in their simplicity. We think this is the future. Instead of individual devices with their own storage / processing, we envision everything being peripherals for your phone. This is our humble first attempt at ushering in that future… if that doesn’t sound too dramatic!”

The price? You will have to spend $125 to play iOS games on your TV screen. The guys behind GameDock want to make it possible to experience the charm of simultaneous gaming by 2 different, a concept that seems to be quite new in the iOS world. For those of you who think they need lots of accessories to their smartphones, tablets (like a stylus) in order to benefit more from their versatility, you’ll find this gaming console to be quite a charming idea.

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