Google is known to the entire world for the educational and charity work it has been doing all over the years. A recent example is the involvement done by Google in the funding of the Raspberry Pi project. Besides and Google Non-Profits, the teams at Google have been putting their creative minds at work on many other projects, sometimes to get some attention around Google’s products.

Web Lab: ingenious Chrome experiment

With this project, they’ve done a pretty job. The Web Lab museum is open in London but also has an online presence, on the Chrome Web Lab page. Housed in the Science Museum in London, the Web Lab represents a set of five physical installations, meant to show the power of the web technology, which, in the case of Google, is best represented by its browser, Chrome. The project is still in beta, which means that in future, there could be more than 5 Chrome experiments.

What’s really, really awesome is that those 5 geeky toys follow your commands, even if you are not there. From what I know, this is the first time such an exhibition has been made. Visitors from all over the world can create their own music, trace the online path an image takes, travel to places all over the world and even see their own portraits being drawn by a robot!

The Universal Orchestra


The universal orchestra allows you to make music with people across the entire world. It is an Internet-powered robotic orchestra consisting of eight pieces that creates harmonious music. A wonderful stress reliever and a great way to showcase your music creation skills!

Data Tracer


Data tracer acts as a map shows you where the information is being stored (sadly it won’t reveal anything about the Deep Web). At the moment, since the project is in beta, it shows only where different images are being stored.



This is my favorite. Sketchbots takes a photo of you and makes a drawing of it in sand. Don’t expect the robot to make a drawing a-la Picasso, instead it will show you how far web technology has come.



Teleporter is nothing more but a few periscopes that let you see 3 different places across the world. I’d rather put there the World Wonders Project, since that one seems much more interesting to me.

Lab Tag Explorer


The Lab Tag Explorer is a graphical visualization of the website’s visitors. From the below video, you can really see it’s much more awesome inside the museum! You can sort visitors by location or by time of visit.

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