LifeWatch AG, an internationally-known Swiss provider of medical equipment and monitoring services has just developed the first Android-based smartphone that takes care of your health: LifeWatch V. The handset is pretty much a standard terminal when it comes to accomplishing phone-related functions, but the interesting part lays in the various medical sensors equipped and the wide range of health-related applications that it can run.

Life Watch V tests and tracks your health

LifeWatch V’s mobile equipment capable of seven heal tests and wellness-related applications, all bind with advantages brought by cloud-based services and the necessity of a phone. In a few words, this smartphone can perform the following tests:

  • One-lead ECG: An Electrocardiography test that is based only on one electrical signal to analyze the activity of the heart over a period of time. This can be used to detect heart problems and the body’s pulse.
  • Body temperature: Those that suspect they have high temperature can now do all the measurements needed with only a smartphone, attached to the owner’s skin.
  • Fat percentage: Although the fat percentage is appropriately measured with a blood sample and a wide range of tests, body measurements and age analysis, the test run by LifeWatch V gives you an approximate value.
  • Blood glucose: Glucose is an important element of our body, which needs to be kept within bounds at any time. In this case, the Android-based smartphone will help you know if you need to cut down on sugar or get a Snickers.
  • Oxygen saturation: The percentage of oxygen found in our blood directly affects how the body reacts in various scenarios, where in general a higher concentration relaxes the patient and gives him strength.
  • Heart rate
  • Stress levels: These levels are directly measured from changes in the heart rate.


All the tests presented above are embedded as applications and require only a tap to be run. The data collected is saved on a remote and secure server and with the help of the cloud, it can be retrieved any time to be compared or shared with certified medical personal or the family. Apart from the medical features, LifeWatch V comes with Android 2.3, two cameras of unknown resolutions and a pretty nice design.

Developers have yet to announce the full specifications list and also the price, but we do know that the handset should be released soon. This eases the process of monitoring the human body and also, as we said a few days ago, the smartphone manages to include more and more tools each day.

[via] MedGadget

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