Twitter has gone down and not working for many users across the world. This follows the GTalk outage earlier in the day.

Twitter web and all the third party twitter clients are down. This includes both the web clients as well as mobile apps. Looking at this, we are expecting Twitter to have a serious server related issue. It is not abnormal for Twitter to go down, but the manner in which everything, including their URL shortener has gone mute, this looks like a serious enough issue.

Twitter confirms the outage

Twitter has confirmed the outage on their Status page.


The website, which tracks status updates of web services shows that twitter is down for the past 30 minutes (9pm IST) or so.

Update: seems to be working. Everything else is still down.

Update 2: Getting reports from users about certain mobile apps like Gravity, Tweetdeck, Twitter for Android etc working fine. No official updates though.

Update 3: Things seem to be getting normal. We’re still waiting for Twitter to update their status page on what went wrong and if everything is working fine.

Update 4: After 3 long hours, Twitter has updated their status page saying the issue has been resolved. And no details given whatsoever.

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