I’m pretty sure you are all familiar with the new project that Google is undertaking: Project Glass. This project is trying to incorporate all of the functions of our smartphones into a tiny glasses frame and use Augmented Reality to give us the information we need instantaneously. Although the project seems a bit Science Fiction, we have seen how well it’s been developing so far.

A sleek frame with a tiny Head Mounted Display, slightly upwards from the eye, so that it won’t interfere with our eyesight, but still be in range so that it will provide the proper information in real time 3D. This is all well and good. The experiment, so far is a success. The glasses work pretty good, as we saw in the Live Demo, but let’s start to think how this technology will evolve? In Sci-Fi we have often seen Augmented Reality Contact Lenses giving the wearer information about everything he sees, and the technology is not that far from us.

How the future could look with Project Glass

A video showing the benefits of such technology has given us an insight in how they might work. In the future we won’t need a TV, or paintings, with the help these lenses, we could stare at a blank wall and watch anything we want, or we could virtually decorate our houses the way we want, without buying a single coffee table. The help they could offer is great: from picking our clothes while eating our breakfast, to viewing the news or searching the Internet for that recipe mom used to make. As we can see, it’s really simple for anyone wearing the lenses to cook or order something from a restaurant using only a few blinks of their eyes.

Bringing apps to a new level

Installing apps on the platform is also a good thing. Think of the Google Play Market and all its wonderful apps, now, as we saw in the video, they are also included and we can interact with them seamlessly, from giving dating advice to seeing a Facebook page. Of course, developers will have lots of work before such apps will be available, but a TV app that projects a screen on an empty wall would be truly an amazing sight! We will be “connected” on an entire new level, something we can’t even imagine for now.

With our own collection of apps, we can build our virtual world exactly as we want it to look. Customizing our view with news, updates and all sorts of useful information, incorporating our IM programs and even cell phones in one single device that will become out gateway to the world.

I believe this technology is worth developing, it could prove useful in a number of cases, where the speed at which we gather information is crucial. Also, by eliminating screens, our privacy will be greater than ever. No computers to hold sensitive information, but all our data safely stored in our robot-looking eyes, far from the view of others.

Gaming at a new height

Even the gaming industry will get a boost if this technology is perfected. As we’ve seen with today’s gadgets, such as Microsoft Kinect or Wii, the Augmented Reality games can be really fun. Now imagine how cool it could be if we could have the impression of actually being in the game? A fantastic sensation that I cannot wait to try! But I must ask you: Do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?

If information is accessible for everyone in the blink of an eye, wouldn’t we lose our need for learning, for discovering? In short: would we become slaves to our own creations, needing nothing but our wearable tech, and would be able to survive without it? The possibilities are endless, and despite the undesired ending of the video, I think this technology has the potential to do more good than bad. Having the right information quickly can often save lives, and in these areas, this Project Glass Concept would be most welcomed. Of course, the outcome is up to us and how much we will rely on this technology.

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I often wonder, where is technology heading? What do all of these advances mean for us and for our future? I sometimes miss the days when I didn’t know how to use a floppy disk, or how a computer CPU works, but now, until I find an answer to my questions, I’ll keep tracking these advances and show everything I find to those who share my interests.