We’ve said it many times and we’ll say it again because it’s true: our homes are becoming smarter day by day and the technologies that are being developed try to make their ways inside. A recent example is Google’s effort to greatly increase the Internet speed in the USA, bringing fiber connectivity via its Google Fiber plans.

Leaving your house and your pets inside alone might leave a sensation of insecurity and you feel like you want to know what happens there, having the option to be able to check out the situation. A great solution to be able to do that would be to have your entire home connected to your smartphone or tablet, just like AT&T was proposing with their Digital Life project. But that might be just too expensive for your pocket.

Dropcam HD: cheap Wi-Fi video camera for iOS and Android

Dropcam HD is a very ingenious piece of gadgetry, as it combines the power of device syncing and that of cloud access. This HD camera costs just $150 and maybe its most stand-out feature is that it saves that HD videos online so you can easily access them via its iOS or Android app.

What you need to know before using such a video monitoring camera is that you need to carefully watch your data plan as this will surely not come cheap on your bill. So, be careful and monitor your traffic plan on iOS and Android if you don’t want a camera like this to cost you a fortune at the end of the month.

Dropcam HD features and specs

This cute looking monitoring camera records the activity in your house and sends you alerts only when it detects movement. So, this way, you will be sure that you will be notified only when you need to. It can also send emails, so that you could check the stream not only on your iPhone or Android device, but also from your work computer. For it to work, though, you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection and even if it goes down, the Dropcam HD camera will update the stream as soon as the connection is back on. Here are some more important features that it has:

  • World’s smallest Wi-Fi video monitoring camera
  • Free iOS and Android application
  • Secure online cloud storage
  • Infrared technology to record in darkness
  • Two-way audio (just like HAL 9000)
  • Digital zoom
  • Ability to share your videos
  • 107 degrees view
  • 156 g weight

You should also know that Dropcam HD needs a DVR plan to store your video. You can choose what you want from Basic to Pro but if you need just basic video monitoring, the Basic plan that’s also free, will be enough. If you want to keep recorded videos for 7 days and to save important video events, you’ll need the Plus plan that comes at $99 per year. The Pro plan, at $299 per year, stores your video for one month.

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