Smartphone housekeeping can sometimes become as messy as the actual chore, and without proper tools almost any action takes a bit too much time. A rather new application from Google Play, entitled Moborobo, comes to save the day as one of the most complete and easy to use management solutions that we’ve ever encountered on Android. In a few words, the software offers its users to completely sync the smartphone with a computer, while allowing various actions to be performed right from the desktop panel.

What does Moborobo conceal under the hood?

Although Android is spread far and wide, the exiting management tools on the market fall short when it comes to advanced features and most of all, the ease of use. Moborobo is coming as a 3rd party application which introduces options such as file syncing as basic options.

Moborobo offers two ways of establishing the link between the phone and a desktop computer: using the casual USB cord and wireless. Although the first method holds no secrets for any of us, the wireless connection can be established using a Wi-Fi network without any fears of leaking information. The application uses a multiple-way handshake protocol which automatically generates a secret, unique identification key to encrypt the information transferred over the air. Unfortunately, security comes with a cost, Moborobo offering this privilege only to rooted terminals.

Moborobo features and advantages


Once the phone is connected, the portal opens and various options available for the device appear. In the first screen of Moborobo, the user can get access to various menus of his phone, such as Contacts, Messages, Apps, Images, Music and Video, which are displayed as small, round buttons. All of these places can be used to perform multiple actions, including:

  • Advanced Backups: Moborobo allows backing-up apps, contacts, images, messages, call history and applications data. Individual files can also be selected and stored on the local machine, as backup data.
  • Instant Access: The Data tab lets users view existing data of any kind and if the situation asks for it, even edit it. From this menu you can reply to SMSs, monitor call activities, review received information, handle contact details (change/export/import) and even more.
  • App Tab: The App Tab allows users to handle existing applications in an App Manager service, which displays the software directly from the phone and allows the user to update, delete and even download new applications.
  • Syncing: While the device is connected, everything stored can be synced with the computer so that it can be used later. Moborobo allows the user to open media files such as music, images and video.
  • Media Center: Although developers don’t actually call it this way, the Media Center is a collection of three different services: Wallpaper Center, Video Center and Music Center. At this moment, the only one available is the Wallpaper Center, a place where users can find what to set as background.
  • Love for Apple: Moborobo is also compatible with iOS devices, so those experiencing both Android and iOS platforms can make use of this feature and complete actions like contact transfers, without any of the pain.
  • Trendy Resources: A trending service has been implemented for all apps, allowing Moborobo to display and suggest known applications to its owner, sparing him of the searching work.

Moborobo comes free of charge and can be installed right from the official website.

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