Today, when everyone seems to be in a hurry, gadget manufacturers try to give us everything we need in smaller and smaller packages that we can carry around with us and use for any occasion. From digital cameras to video cameras, cell phones, music players and even entire computers are starting to fit in one device. This level of miniaturization gives us more powerful devices with more features than we have ever dreamed of.

Also, joining with hardware manufacturers are software developers that are trying to create apps for any need we could possibly have. From Music players to radio apps, GPS games and any other thing you might think of. Now, a new breed of apps is making its way up: Medical apps. Of course, they cannot replace doctors, who have years of experience and can offer a proper consult, but they can give us some information about what is going on with our bodies. For instance, if you have a headache and you want to see what pill you can take for a few hours of relief, such apps are perfect.

Top 10 Android Medical apps

10. Acupressure: Treat Yourself


The benefits of massage has been known for hundreds of years. It has almost become an art and for someone to become a masseur, they need years of study. Now, with the help of Acupressure anyone can initiate themselves in the art of massage. Also, the app features detailed diagrams and photos for better understanding the stress spots on the human body.

9. BMI Calculator


BMI, or Body Mass Index is calculated with your body surface (height) and your weight, to determine if you are well proportioned (the equation for your BMI is: weight [kg] / (height[m])^2) This Android medical app allows you to find out your BMI and see if you are underweight or overweight and then seek the proper help you need to reach a normal BMI. The first step in resolving this issue is to see if you have a weight problem, this medical app for Android will help you with that.

8. Medical Dictionary


We all know that medical term are pretty hard to understand. Well, a Medical Dictionary is a very useful tool to have when going to the doctors, or for those who are interested in becoming doctors. It’s pretty hard to learn all those kilometer long words, so, this medical ndroid app is just what you need to get you started.

7. 5-Minute Clinical Consult


Unbound Medicine are known for their top notch Android medical apps that give you very accurate information and can help you in a variety of cases. And the same is true about 5-Minute Clinical Consult, an app that can sometimes help you avoid a trip to the doctors. The only thing wrong about this app is the pretty high price, but, nevertheless, a great quality Android medical app! And when it comes to our health, no price is too high.

6. Visible Body 3D Anatomy Atlas


Remember the Google Body experiment? Well, this medical app for Android is something like that, but offering much more control and information. A great Body Atlas that lets you see all of the body’s components, browse freely and seek information about any part of our body. Also, you have at your disposal lots of options for fading or hiding certain parts of the body.

5. Instant Heart Rate – Pro


One of the simplest Android medical apps you can find for monitoring your heart rate. When you fire it up, the flash on your phone turns on and all you have to do is place your finger gently on the phone’s camera. With the help of the flash, the camera can pick up tiny variations in the size of your veins and calculate your heart rate in bpm (beats per minute).

4. ICE: In Case of Emergency


ICE might not be a truly medical app for Android, but it can prove more useful than any other app on the list in the case of an emergency. It can store crucial information about you, like allergies, known conditions, medication or persons to call. A complete patient file on your smartphone. This app, if ever needed can save your life, giving doctors information about you and not waste any time searching for that information in files or databases.

3. Diagnosaurus DDx


If you are ever in need of a quick self-diagnosis, then this medical app for Android devices is the perfect tool for you. It can help you browse through a database of over 1000 diagnostics and give you information according to your symptoms of body part. So, for all you Dr. House fans out there, now you can be one step closer to your hero.

2. MedCalc 3000 Complete


Until now, I thought that only engineers had to have complex calculations to deal with, but now I find out that doctors do too. And for providing a helping hand to the, MedCalc is now available on your Android smartphone. With over 520 medical calculations available, you can rest assured that you won’t get caught unprepared.

1. iPharmacy Drug Guide & Pill ID


Ever wondered what was in your pills? Or what pill to take for a nasty headache? iPharmacy is here to help you with that. A complete database of pills, ingredients and guidelines for each pill is available at your fingertips anytime you need it. Also, if you keep forgetting to take your pills at the subscribed hour, know that this app will take care of that by letting you set up a pill schedule and notify you when the time comes.

Here are the best Medical apps for Android smartphones. But be very careful, however good they might be, these apps are not a substitute for a real doctor. If you think there is anything wrong with you, visit a real clinic and get a doctor to check you out!

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