Asus is pulling out the guns to increase sale numbers and as the latest leaks suggest, the Nexus 7 tablet built in strong collaboration with Google will receive a couple of handy accessories. Amongst those found, pictures show a brand new protecting cover and a docking station, useful for those who whish to transform the slate into a more media-friendly machine.

Leather and Rubber Garments

The information arrives as a series of slides reveal a single model of a traveling cover, which comes in two versions: one made from rubber, and one from leather. The rubberized cover weights around 130 grams, is fabricated from thermoplastic polyurethane and it’s bragged to be a slim, protecting layer that is tough and flexible at the same time. The material used adders very well to the skin thus protecting the device from accidental slips. On the back of the cover, the Nexus logo is fairly visible and Asus has managed to add the same material in the composition, as the one found in the actual tablet. This product is said to already be available on the Google Play Store and at the fair price of $19.99.

google-nexus-7-dockW-L-347205-13When it comes to colors, the rubber case has seven distinct colors that can be picked, ranging from gray to pale orange and blue. On the other side, the leather model comes only in four versions but for $20 more, you will receive an accessory made out of leather, microfiber and glass fiber (used for the fold), which bestows a classic look to the device. Unfortunately, the leather-fabricated sibling will only be launched at the end of the month.

The Nexus Dock

The Nexus 7 dock is also built by Asus and it’s described as perfect for someone that uses the tablet to watch movies, read eBooks, browse the web and enjoy any other kind of media content. The dock is “perfectly-angled”, has a 3.5mm standard jack plug which can be used to attach speakers and may be charged through a microUSB port, even while the tablet is connected. The accessory weights 300 grams, is a bit wider than the device itself and only comes in the black version. Those wishing to enjoy the gear will have to pay around $49.99 and wait until August 24th.

Unfortunately, the source of the story was deleted, alongside its Google Cache.

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