Would you like your tweets to be displayed on your T-shirt? How about displaying a funny GIF and walk around with it in the middle of a crowd making everybody turning their heads after you? Believe it or not, the guys at CuteCircuit (a Londonese fashion company that makes interactive, wearable technology embedded in fashion clothing) in partnership with Ballantines (yes, the scotch brand) have already created the world’s first wearable, programmable, sharable, 100% cotton t-shirt!

Even if it’s still a prototype and it doesn’t come in cheap, the guys behind this bold project said that they need to see if there’s enough demand to be able to release it to the mass market. My first thought when seeing this cool video was – how are they going to manage the sweat issue? Obviously, they are going to develop some high-tech flexible display for this kind of t-shirts and one that would not come in contact with your body.

TshirtOS: Internet-ready and programmable t-shirt

Part of Ballantine’s’ campaign Leave an Impression, tshirtOS doesn’t want to revolutionize the clothing market, but if it will be greeted with a warm welcome, then it surely stands a big chance. TshirtOS is a platform for your digital creativity, being loaded with apps and tools. The creators present this magical t-shirt as having:

  • camera
  • microphone
  • accelerometer
  • sound

So, this basically means your digital tshirtOS will be able to take pictures, talk, record sounds and display various images? And on top of that, it is connected to your smartphone! It’s like transforming your t-shirt into a real media player, one that really leaves an impression, if we are to follow the campaign’s motto. Here’s what more you can do with this awesome tshirtOS:

  • Display your tweets, or hashtags
  • Share tracks, play a list of songs
  • Take photos and post them to Instagram

Is it real or just a concept?

From my point of view, such a company like Ballantine’s wouldn’t discredit themselves only to launch a “concept” and in the video they’re referring to it as a prototype, not a concept. And on the official Facebook page of this bold project, we can see photos of how it has been done. For me, that’s enough to say that there is, at least, one working prototype.

The name, TshirtOS, suggests that it will have a miniOS of its own. I really hope this isn’t just a very clever hoax and reason for that is the fact that CuteCircuit has already made a name for itself by being unique and creative, combining fashion and wearable technology. Now this is something that I’d love to see on Kickstarter. Let’s stay tuned and hope it can become a reality!

Here is another promotional video about tshirtOS.

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