With the passing of the years, and with all the new inventions that appeared to help humanity develop, there is little to wonder about what technology has yet to discover. Most of the electrical and electronical equipment that is used today has come a long way from whhere they started. Who could’ve guessed a while ago that smartphones could do so much?

Probably one of the devices that were improved greatly during the last decade, the Image Scanner has become one of the most used electronic equipments in the world today. But even though their raise to the top was incredible, it looks like their fall will be even more dramatic with the constant improvement in mobile technology, a technology allowing smartphones to do the job of Image Scanners via scanning apps. Android has quite a collection of scanning apps, and therefore, its users have lots of choices to make. Here we’ll help you decide which are the best Android scanning apps.

Top Android Scanning Apps

10. Scan Document and Email Pro


Scanning documents with your smartphone has never been simpler. using this Android scanning app, you will be able to quicky scan quality documents and send them via email in no time. Although you have to set up the email client, after doing this you are all set.

9. Genius Scan


One of the best and most known Android scanning apps, the Genius Scan really stands out to its name. With more than 8 million users worldwide, it must be really good. And its features stand out to confirm this: page frame detection, post-processing, and is even able to export the documents to any app that can support JPG and PDF files. And what’s even great is the fact that the documents are processed on the phone itself, not to a third-party.

8. Scanthing OCR


By using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), this Android scanning app allows you to later search through your scans via keywords. A great improvement that deserves lots of credit (the coding must have been a nightmare). Also, this app produces crisp images, very easy to read! A great app for any respectable student that needs a quick scan of his colleague’s paper.

7. MobileScanner


Android scanning apps don’t get much simpler than this. MobileScanner does only one task: scans complete documents in PDF format and lets you share them any way you see fit. The quality of images is pretty good and it accomplishes the task very quick, and it also features a very simple interface, perfect when speed is of the essence.

6. Droid Scan Pro PDF


With multiple resolutions available, and with loads of options, this Android scanning app is here to turn your business into a paperless one. The interface is also great, turning your mobile phone into a state of the art document scanner to go. More, you can also take videos with this app and upload them via the cloud.

5. Scan2PDF Mobile Lite


With an easy to use interface, this Android scanning app allows you to scan everything you need in just a snap and convert them to PDF format for later use. More, this app makes the scans to be as legible as they can be and to occupy as little amount of space as possible.

4. Scan to PDF


This easy app allows you to scan or even upload documents and turn them into PDF. Having a special connection with Google, this app makes it really simple for you to upload and share the files via internet.

3. Document Scanner


One Android scanning app that sets no limits in the number of pages of folders is the Document Scanner. Recommended by lots of reviews specialists, this may well be the perfect app for you. Incredible simple to use, not only for scanning the desired document, but also sharing it through cloud.

2. Handy Scanner


As another Android scanning app for scanning documents, this one should really bring something awesome to the table in order to stay on top. And it really brings out the best, as it grants you the batch scan option, as well as the automatic boundary detection, which is quite usefully.

1. CamScanner


Probably the best Android scanning app by far, the CamScanner offers you multiple choices. You can scan, protect, manage and share documents via email, fax via Internet or uploaded to cloud. More, this app automatically crops and enhances the image quality, creating your very own PDF file.

Yet another great peripheral from the computer is transferred to the smartphone. The image scanner will be slowly but surely replaced by the smartphone, or better yet, by the scanning app, be it for Android or other devices. Although this time has not yet come, with the advances in mobile phone cameras, such as the awesome cameras that Nokia is shipping now, the days of the image scanner are numbered and the rise of scanning apps is dawning.

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I often wonder, where is technology heading? What do all of these advances mean for us and for our future? I sometimes miss the days when I didn’t know how to use a floppy disk, or how a computer CPU works, but now, until I find an answer to my questions, I’ll keep tracking these advances and show everything I find to those who share my interests.