Chamonix, an independent Android developer usually hanging around XDA has thought of an application that would redesign the Wi-Fi connecting process by adding specific rules, all with the purpose of minimizing battery consumption rates and easing the access. Of course, applications that offer intelligent Wi-Fi access can be found on Google Play, but this one really sounds promising.

Better Wi-Fi ON/OFF, the short intro

Better Wi-Fi is actually an agent managing the state of your Wi-Fi connection by setting some basic ground rules. Its aim is to give the user full control over the WiFi state by customizing every aspect of it and to take care of the remaining battery juice, without having to make compromises from the user experience end. The application goes by the following rules:

  • Activates Wi-Fi when: screen is unlocked or the phone is charging
  • Keeps Wi-Fi ON when: a connection is established within a given time-period
  • Deactivates Wi-Fi when: screen is turned off (after a delay) or when the phone is unplugged from charging

Keeping in mind that this is still the beta phase of the application, we consider this as a minimal effort and something that can already be achieved by other competitors. But here’s what the programmer has in mind:

  •  Location based rules relying on cell localization
  •  Time preferences
  •  Checking if the Wi-Fi network truly has an internet connection on the other end
  •  White-list access points to always stay connected

Where can you get it?

Currently, the application is not available on Google Play and can only be downloaded from the official XDA thread, for free. In the future, a paid version of the software will be put together, one that will only remove ads and not introduce extended features. As the developer describes, the app will not be made ‘publicly’ available until it reaches maturity and most of the bugs are fixed.

Until Better Wi-Fi reaches 1.0, the developer is opened to suggestions of all sorts so if you have an interesting idea in mind, submit it using the comment section below or, on the bug reports page. We just submitted one for traffic monitoring.

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