Not a long time ago, we’ve informed you about the fact that Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is decreasing the battery life for portable devices, and that’s coming straight from the users. Despite of its impressive features, the latest Mountain Lion update (at the time of the writing) seems to drain the battery for a significant number of users. There were performed some tests, as well, that confirmed the issue.

While this Battery Status for OS X Mountain Lion won’t fix that issue, it will allow you to better control and monitor the battery status of your internal battery and also the one of wirelessly connected devices, such as the mouse and the keyboard. Apple developer Tylor Marks has updated its Battery Status app in the Mac App Store to give you more control over your connected devices. For Mountain Lion users, the 1.3 version of Battery Status shows battery warnings through the Notification Center.


Know when the battery is drained

Besides the fact that it keeps you aware of the battery level of the connected devices, the Battery Status app also gives information about the internal battery for laptops and even inform you about the number of charge cycles. Unfortunately, it will not work for your connected iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Here is the full list of the supported devices:

  • Magic Mouse
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Magic Trackpad
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • MacBook Internal
  • MacBook Air Internal
  • MacBook Pro Internal

Looking at the images, you can see where the Battery Status’ icon will be placed, on the right side of the menu bar. To be able to monitor your battery statuses, you will have to pay $2 for this applicaton. Read below to find out what else is new in the latest version of Battery Status:


  • Warnings may be configured in Preferences to be displayed when other devices on the network are about to have their batteries die.
  • Auto Launch is now handled through System Preferences, so that the app remains compatible with OS X 10.6. Instructions are provided in the preference window for users unfamiliar with System Preferences.
  • An option has been added to preferences to display a small green plus (+) symbol on the battery icon whenever the battery is plugged in.
  • The app’s preferences may now be overridden by a system administrator (for example, in a school lab.) For instructions, check the preference window.

Download Battery Status from Mac App Store [1.99$]

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