I must admit that the there is quite a fuss when it comes to Microsoft’s next generation OS, whether it’s the desktop or the mobile variant. But when it comes to information and things we know at the moment about these two wonders, it seems that there is little to benokia-lumia shared about Windows Phone 8 Apollo, and the devices that will carry it out into the world.

Now, images revealing the first Windows Phone 8 device have surfaced, alongside a handful of technical specifications and probably the most important detail: its name. Nokia Phi, as technicians like to refer to the truly first WP8 smartphone, will be a handset integrating almost the same design as the one used by Lumia 900 and will be considered a direct descendent of the line.

The people who leaked this information claim that this is actually the codename of the device, just like Nokia Ace was for Lumia 900. The actual name and thus, what most people will refer to the phone is yet unknown. Moreover, the source affirms that Nokia Phi will be the direct successor of the Lumia 800, although we are not quite sure how will that happen.

Nokia Phi technical specifications

From the brief description that has leaked, we’ve found out that Nokia Phi will maintain the same lines of the Lumia 800 but it will have a slightly bigger display, with small chances to pass the one of the Lumia 900. Also, the phone will:

  • Be thicker, heavier than the Lumia 800
  • Won’t have physical buttons on the front-facing side
  • Be made out of polycarbonate unibody with an irreplaceable battery
  • Integrate 4 physical buttons on the right side (Volume +/-, Power and Camera)
  • Have an external micro SD card slot and NFC capabilities
  • Be the first dual-core Windows Phone device, with a S4 CPU made by Qualcomm
  • Have an 4G/LTE antenna

Other sources claim that the screen will be somehow curved and may even be 4.5-inch wide, according to Zach Epstein from BGR.

What about the features?

Although there isn’t much out there to present, we found out that Windows Phone 8 OS will come with features such as:

  • Tap and Do: which can be used to easily connect and work with a wireless device, such as headphones and speakers.
  • Bluetooth file transfer will be given native support in Apollo.
  • Internet Explorer 10: with malware blocking and improved performance based on JavaScript and HTML5 support.
  • Navigation: Nokia’s turn-by-turn navigation system complete with the offline maps service will be surely integrated.
  • Focus towards business: Office apps with BitLocker encryption, secure boot mode and a collection of Line-of-Business apps.

Nokia Phi release date and other expectations

Untitled1-300x120It seems that the Nokia smartphone will be launched next to other two Windows Phone 8 devices, made by the same manufacturer. It’s still uncertain at the moment if both of these devices will come with WP8 Apollo, or the far less competent version, WP 7.8.

However, sources quote the last week of October to be the launching interval for these devices, but this will put Nokia a bit late than Apple, which is expected to release the new iPhone on September 12th. It seems that the company may have thought of a strategy to outspeed Apple this month and steal a few sales, until the sixth-generation Apple phone would arrive.

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