A while back we featured the best Android Medical Apps, now it’s time to look at iOS apps for those who like to know more about the medication they take or for those who just like to play the doctor. iOS devices being so loved around the world and having so much users, they deserve our attention, and so, it’s time to bring you the best iOS Medical Apps. As I mentioned in the other article, self medication is not something to encourage, these apps are for informational purposes only! If you think there is something wrong with your body, do not hesitate to see a doctor!

Top 12 iOS Medical Apps

12. Radiology 2.0: One Night in the ED

Radiology 2.0 One Night in the ED

Although not an iOS medical app in the traditional sense of the word, this app allows students to learn Radiology in a more relaxed way, far from the classes. With lots of comprehensive information very well structured, this app allows radiology students to learn on the go and have all the information they need at their disposal at all times.

11. Medical Terminology Flashcards

Medical Terminology Flashcards

Med students can attest that studying medicine is really hard, even with all of Google’s Tools for Students, they still have to memorize an enormous amount of information. To their help comes this iOS medical app that uses flashcards to help them remember all the terminology involved in medicine.

10. Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D

Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D

Just take a look at this: one of the most comprehensive anatomy atlases available for iPhone users. This iOS medical app gives you awesome images of the human body with the possibility to zoom in and see even to the most tiny detail. Also, users have lots of information at their disposal and also quizzes that test what they’ve learned using this app. A great way to study the human body!

9. Dental Expert

Dental Expert

Let’s face it: everyone hates going to the dentist. Even for a normal checkup or some advice on how to keep our teeth healthy, this trip scares us to the bones. But with this iOS medical app, you can limit trips to your dentist to a minimum, by having all the information you need directly on your iPhone. Now this is what I call a life saver app!

8. BMI Tool

BMI Tool

Although more of a fitness app then a iOS medical app, a BMI Tool is always an useful tool for those who think have a weight problem. Using this tool, you can make an early diagnose weight problems that can aggravate in the future. Also, specialists can use this app to quickly calculate someone’s BMI (Body Mass Index).

7. iPharmacy – Pill Identifier Free and Medication Reference

iPharmacy - Pill Identifier Free and Medication Reference

One of the best medication guides on the iStore comes to us in the form of this awesome iOS medical app called iPharmacy. Users of this app can enjoy a very well organized pill database, with images and pill finder, but also the top pharmacy deals of the week and gift cards. This app is recommended for both users and medical professionals alike.

6. Human Anatomy!

Human Anatomy!

If you are interested in the human body, then this iOS medical app is right down your alley. With detailed models of all the human body’s systems, with zoom capability on each component of the human body, this app is perfect for those who’d like to learn how a human works. Also, the app features information on all the parts of the body and useful links to wikis where you can research further.

5. iBP Blood Pressure

iBP Blood Pressure

Do you measure your blood pressure often? Well, now, when you do, you can input your results in this great iOS Medical App and it will memorize it for you. Also, you can see detailed graphs and useful information about your blood pressure and the app is able to analyze the results and give you feedback on your health. And for just $0.99, it’s a great app to have in your iPhone.

4. Diagnosaurus DDx

Diagnosaurus DDx

This app was featured in our Android medical apps top also, and this can attest to the fact that it’s one of the best medical apps out there, for both Android and iOS users. A complete dictionary of diagnoses ready for you when you need them. The app is very simple to use due to its user friendly interface and speed of finding the information that interests you the most.

3. Drugs & Medications

Drugs & Medications

This complete Pill encyclopedia give you all the information you could possibly need when it comes to pills and medication. If you were ever unsure about a drug the doctor prescribed, or if you needed information about some pills you found around the house, then you know how hard to find is good and reliable information. This problem will come to an end by using this great iOS medical app.

2. Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

If you are like me, then you hate the alarm clock and see in it an arch enemy. Well, what if I told you that there is a solution for the morning battle with the clock? Yes, that’s true, the solution comes in the form of an iOS medical app, called Sleep Cycle alarm clock. This app analyzes your sleeping patterns and helps you wake up when your sleep is lightest, thus giving you a natural wake-up call.

1. WebMD


Enjoy this complete Medical Encyclopedia, complete with illnesses, medications and symptoms. A great app to have around, especially because it lets you search via body part, symptom or drug. Also, the fact that it’s a free app, makes it even better. I highly recommend this iOS medical app for everyone who wants to monitor their health closely.

Now you have at your disposal the best iOS Medical Apps! use them wisely only for informational purposes only, not self medicating!


I often wonder, where is technology heading? What do all of these advances mean for us and for our future? I sometimes miss the days when I didn’t know how to use a floppy disk, or how a computer CPU works, but now, until I find an answer to my questions, I’ll keep tracking these advances and show everything I find to those who share my interests.


One thought on “Top 12 iPhone, iPad Medical Apps to be Always Healthy

  1. Whoever wrote this is clearly not from the medical profession as I can tell you these are not even close to what I would pull up for reference while working. BMI calculator and blood pressure app? Come on! Even medical students know that crap without needing an app for that! And no, sleep cycle isn’t a medical app!

    *calms down*..I would have to say however iOS is way better for “proper” medical apps(NEJM, med calc, oxford handbooks, dynamed and a some skyscape stuff just to name a few). Bought the latest nexus 7 because I liked the 7 inch size but was really disappointed in the poor amount of medical apps in android! Argh!

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