Nowadays, earning enough money to survive is something that most of us do. Due to the world’s unstable economy, many have faced the possibility of social bankruptcy. This is a threat we must take really serious and keeping track of your finances is something that should become an olympic sport. Although this is sad, it is a reality and we must face it head on. At least, in this day and age, technology can give us a helping hand with keeping track of our finances.

How do Expense Tracking apps for Android help us?

Although it might not give you more money (some game addicts might make some money from playing games), for most of us, our much loved smartphones can also double as our checkbook and keep a detailed record of your earnings and what we spend, thus giving you a balance of your bank account at any time. This information is vital if you want to cut down on your spendings and make the most of your hard worked money.

A few banking apps also have this feature, but for those who want only a simple Expense Tracker, this is a list of such apps for Android devices. Use them to their full power and you will see exactly where your money is going!

6 Useful Expense Tracking apps for Android

6. Money Notes Lite


If you are looking for the simplest tool to keep your finances, then Money Notes Lite is that tool. This expense tracking app for Android offers you the basic tools you need to keep an eye on your monthly balance. You can easily input your spending and your salary and see where you spend the biggest amount of money. Also, you can scan bills and set notifications on upcoming bills so you won’t forget to pay them. Besides all of these, you can backup your information and store it for later use.

5. CashTrack


Using one of the most intuitive interfaces of all, CashTrack is an excellent expense tracking app for Android that lets you know how much money you are spending and on what. It allows you to create custom categories with custom icons for each and input the amount of money that you spend on each one. Also, you can see detailed reports and graphs of your expenses, giving you a better understanding of your finances. Also, you can Import or Export transactions or backup your information if you want to store it and have a detailed report going back much longer.

4. MoneyWise


If you want detailed reports on your earning and spendings, grouped by the time period you can custom input, then MoneyWise is the expense tracking app for Android that you need. It keeps track of multiple accounts, you can set a password to protect your information and you can see the information displayed in detailed graphs, custom generated for each account. Also, you can backup your finances on your SD card so you can view later on how much you have managed to save. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

3. EasyMoney 1.0


One of the most used expense Tracking apps for Android, EasyMoney is packed full of wonderful features that allow you to keep a watchful eye on your expenses. A great feature is that the app allows you to take photos of receipts and bills, so you fully understand where your money is going. Also, the detailed information it gives you makes it easy to see what your balance is and it also gives you notifications on upcoming bills so you won’t forget to pay any of them. The app has a 30-day trial, but you can always upgrade to the full version. It’s definitely worth it.

2. Money Lover – Expense Manager


Many expense tracking apps for Android have only a few currencies (some only work with 1 or 2 even), but this is not the case of Money Lover – Expense Manager. This awesome expense tracking app for Android lets you set your currency from its outstanding 45 types of currencies and it works in multiple languages. Also, it has lots of features for keeping track of multiple accounts at the same time and it allows you to set custom categories and spendings for each of them. The widget is also a great feature for quickly adding a payment or seeing information about your account balance.

1. Expense Manager


The top expense tracking app for Android smartphones and tablets is without a doubt Expense Manager. This app has all the possible features you will need and it is a great quality app, easy to input payments, budgets or spendings and within seconds you can see detailed information about your account balance. Also, you can upload the information to your cloud account (because you have sensitive information, make sure that your cloud account is secure) or you can backup your information on your smartphone’s SD card, allowing you to later get back to that information and compare it with other reports.

Now you have the tools for keeping track of your money with ease. The first step in saving money is to know where your money is going and after that you can take the necessary precautions to make your salary last longer. Keep in mind always to spend wisely, thus you avoid spending all your money too quickly.

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