Nexus-7-620x414For those wishing to manipulate their Google Nexus 7 tablet in every way imagined, an independent developer going by the name of mskip has developed a bundle of tools which will surely came at hand. Known as the Nexus 7 Toolkit 2.0, this is a package of the most used Android tools ever, all spiced up with a wide collection of tips and advices which anyone can use to customize this compact Android tablet.

Nexus 7 Toolkit 2.0 is free to download and it only requires a regular computer to push its package towards a tablet and ADB drivers to ensure compatibility. The installation process is not so complicated and once you get everything set up correctly, you will be able to perform various tasks on a device worth buying.

Nexus 7 Toolkit 2.0 Features

All the features listed below are for those who download the free version of the tool. Besides them, those who wish to donate and support the developer will receive an auto update ToolKit which pushes the latest version of the software at start-up, directly on the device, and a wide collection of extras, tips and tricks. Find below a list with the features that these toolkjit has.

  • Automatically installs ADB/Fastboot drivers on Windows
  • Backup and Restore options for all applications / user data to Internal Storage
  • Quick backup of all media to the PC
  • Unlocking/Re-locking the Bootloader
  • Rooting Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (all builds until 4.1.1 JRO03D are supported)
  • Easy 1-click procedure for unlocking, rooting, renaming the restore file and installing ClockWorkMod Recovery
  • Full NANDROID Backups
  • Compressing data and system folders in a .tar file on the PC
  • Compressing system partitions into .zip files on the computer
  • Install BusyBox
  • A Mods section from where the user can perform certain tasks
  • Downloading Google Stock Image files directly on the ToolKit folder for later flashing
  • Flashing stock Android images, stock Recovery ROMs and even CWM
  • Use the CWM Touch Recovery without flashing
  • Flash .img files using the computer
  • Easy sideloading
  • Push/Pull files between devices
  • Customize file permissions
  • Command prompt terminal
  • Quick reboot to Fastboot Mode, Recovery, Download or Android

How to Install and Use the Nexus 7 Toolkit 2.0

  1. Download the software and run the installation client on the computer.
  2. At one point, the client will ask to download the ADB drivers on the PC. If they are already installed, ignore this option and move on. If not, kindly ask the program to do it for you.
  3. Connect the Nexus 7 and double click on the ToolKit icon from your desktop.
  4. Choose the mode you wish to run the software (Fastboot Mode or ADB mode) and the serial number of the device should appear – if not, re-install the ADB drivers again or check the connection.
  5. Select whatever option you desire from the menu and let it do its magic. If you don’t know what exactly those actions mean, please see the detailed information attached on the same screen.
  6. To exist the toolkit simply presses the ‘X’ option from the Main Menu.
[Via] XDA

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