Maxthon-IphoneMaxthon has just launched its latest iOS-based browser client which can now be enjoyed on smaller Apple devices, such as the iPhone or the iPod Touch. Migrating from Android and from the iPad’s larger screen, Maxthon brings not only compatibility to most iOS devices but also a plethora of interesting features, which may stray the user away from the regular Safari browser.

Originally known as the MyIE2, Maxthon first arrived as a customized version of Internet Explorer and could have been used just on desktops, Windows and Mac OS X alike. After broadening their horizons, its Chinese developers chose to market the product on mobile platforms as well, with Android and just the iPad being in the front line.

Now, several months after launch, the newest Maxthon for iPhone version includes extended support for the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, as well as the 3rd and 4th generation of the iPod Touch (as long as they are powered by iOS 4.3 or above).

Maxthon 3 features for iPhone

Maxthon 3 comes with a fast interface and a browser engine which draws web pages supposedly 2 times faster than Google Chrome for mobile. It includes remote storage services, advanced security options and a lot of customization options. But let’s take a deeper look:

  • Cloud Services: Maxthon uses the cloud to synchronize bookmarked and favorite pages directly to the cloud, allowing the user to easily migrate from one device to another while preserving the stored data. The interesting twist is that all this information is also maintained between different platforms, such iOS and Android.
  • Reader Mode: By activating this mode, the browser will remove all ads and create a simplified viewing format which enhances reading quality.
  • Speed Dial: Although this has nothing to do with calling someone, Maxthon allows the user to access an unlimited number of favorite websites with just one tap.
  • Download Manager: A helpful assistant which will easily sort, schedule and select relevant downloads.
  • Enhanced Address Bar: This smart feature predicts a web address and supplies relevant results just by looking at the first characters entered in the search query. It can also perform as a unified search system, because the browser displays results from the search engine, as well as the bookmarks list and the browser history.
  • Quick Links Center: Maxthon offers a brief selection of the most visited websites in several categories, displaying more than 60 addresses which can be accessed rapidly.

The Maxthon browser is free to use and has multiple versions compatible with most operating systems out there. Each of these versions may contain exclusive features for its OS alone, but this will not affect the cross-platform experience at all. The client can be found on iTunes.

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