A while back we featured a list of the best expense tracking apps for Android users. But because the iPhone is still a very popular smartphone, a similar list had to be put together. As you all know, the world’s economy is at a crysis. The value of money is dropping and all around the world, people have trouble managing their salary in a way that it can last an entire month.

In their help, we come with a list of some of the best expense tracking apps for iOS, apps that can keep track of all the monthly expenses and keep a record of your money balance. Hopefully, these apps will prove useful in letting you know where the bulk of your money is going, and thus making the first step towards saving.

Why do you need such apps?

Expense tracking apps for iOS are important because they let you see where your money is going and on what do you spend the most. Also, they gather that information and keep it so that you can later compare the statistics to see if you have managed to better keep your expenses under check. Do not mistake these apps for banking and financial apps, because these have only the role to gather the information you input and give you statistics. Most of them do not have access to your bank account or transactions.

The best expense tracking apps for iOS

6. Spendings


Although a new addition to the iTunes market, this app gives its users a very simple interface and a quick way to add their expenses and customize them in categories. If you do not like to fiddle with hard to understand features or hundreds of options, then this app is perfect for you. “Lightweight” and intuitive, Spendings is a great expense tracking app for iOS, giving you plenty of information about your spendings in just a few seconds.

5. Toshl Finance for iPhone


“Expense tracker, budget manager, personal finance guru” – This is how the developers see Toshl Finance for iPhone. I must admit, I do not see it in the same way as they do. The way I see this is app is “one of the best expense tracker apps for iOS on the iTunes Store!”. Yes, it is one of the best because it features some of the best features I have ever saw and because it’s so simple to use, that you will feel very secure and it will feel like you have used this app your entire life. A great budget manager by all means, I highly recommend this app for anyone who is serious about saving money.

4. XpenseTracker – Expense Tracker & Mileage Log


If you are into customization and you are a control that needs to have everything catalogued and put in it’s corresponding place, then you will love this app. It gives you the possibility to create custom categories and subcategories, you can use your iPhone’s camera to take pictures of bills and receipts and so on. A great expense tracker app for iPhone and a most of all, one of the best accountants you will ever have! Give this app a try and you will see just what I mean!

3. Expensify


Even if this app is more a financial app for iOS, it still does it’s job very well. Because it has access to your bank account it can give you real time information that is very precise. It has over 200 banks in it’s database, so you have a great chance that this app will work for you. As for the expense tracker app for iOS side, it gives you very good information and it is very precise. So, in a word: awesome! The professional look and the smooth interface with lightning fast responses make this an awesome app for anyone who wants to look the part.

2. ExpenseTracker – Spending


Because simple is always better, ExpenseTracker – Spending makes for a great expense tracking app for iOS. It has one of the most simple interfaces of all and it can give you complete charts and information about your spending at any time. You have two buttons, one for adding income, one for adding spendings. It’s all that simple and because of this, it deserves a place in this top, as being one of the best expense tracker apps for iOS. Also, it features a lot of other cool tools, but I’ll let you discover them on your own.

1. iXpenseIt Lite (Expense + Income = Cash flow & Budget)


If you are worried about your spendings, then you need to try out iXpenseIt. This one of the best expense tracking apps for iPhone, giving you a great array of features to help you out. From bill notifier, dynamic monitoring, backup and restore and even mileage/kilometer information, so it can double as a great iOS travel app. Also, users can enjoy the simple and intuitive interface that this app features, so that you can easily input your spendings and earnings and see great graphs of your spendings. A great tool to have and a great accountant also!

With these tools at your disposal, you will definitely manage your money much better. The first step in saving money is to see where do you spend the most. With the information provided by these expense tracking apps for iOS, your iPhone could become the manager you ever had! Give these expense tracking apps for iOS a try and let us know what you think about them in the comments section below!

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