Every Mozilla Firefox fan out there, here is a great news for you. Firefox 15 is ready for download, for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android! Don’t expect any major changes with respect to the look and feel (UI), but there are some important fixes and tweaks which should drastically improve the performance.

So, what does Firefox 15 bring to the table?

If the 14th version of Firefox gave users a lot of cool features, Firefox 15 stabilises it with memory fixes & silent background updater, just like Chrome. From the release notes:

  • Memory usage for add-ons has received an overhaul, meaning that the amount of memory that add-ons consume will be drastically reduced, thus giving users a more smooth experience.
  • Silent, background updates
  • Native support for PDF
  • SPDY networking protocol v3 will also be supported (like Chrome)
  • Compressed textures for better performance and WebGL enhancements will give users better performance in high graphics environments

And of course, the Developers section of Firefox has not been overlooked, these are a few new things to look forward to in Firefox 15:

  • A JavaScript debugger integrated in the developer tools section
  • Also, a new layout view has been added to Inspector
  • The CSS word-break property has been implemented.
  • A new high precision event timer has been developed
  • New responsive design tool allows web developers to switch between desktop and mobile views of sites

HTML 5 support has also gotten some attention, and so, these are a few new things that Firefox 15 will have:

  • Native support for the Opus audio codec added
  • The element now supports the media attribute
  • The <video> and <audio> elements now support the played attribute

These are just some of the things to look for in the new release from Mozilla. Firefox 15 is bringing some serious performance tweaks and some new features that users will find very useful. Also, faster connections and web browsing will make Firefox 15 an awesome web browser (not that it is not) and it will get it back in the race for the best one of all. Also, a feature that Firefox will be implementing for the first time is the “background update”. This will allow your Firefox 15 browser to download future updates and install them in background, a feature that Google Chrome has already implemented.

Download Firefox 15

The update is scheduled for tomorrow, 29th August 2012, but if you are impatient, you can download and install Firefox 15 right now.

Download Firefox 15 for Windows.
Download Firefox 15 for Mac OS X.
Download Firefox 15 for Linux.
Download Firefox 15 for Android.

If you prefer to wait for the update option to show up, wait till tomorrow, and of course, give us some feedback on how you like the new Firefox 15 browser.

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