With Windows Phone 8 right around the corner, manufacturers are lining up to produce the best WP phone they can think of. And who better to take the lead in developing devices with brand new operating systems than Samsung? After bringing to the world a gorgeous device like the Galaxy S3 Android smartphone, Samsung are going over to the Microsoft side to develop another perfect example of great craftsmanship at its best, intertwined with top of the line technology and wrapped in a marvelous and slim body.

Samsung shows some Windows Phone 8 love, launches ATIV S


Samsung ATIV S, as it is was unveiled in Berlin, at the IFA Convention, has stunned all those who gazed at it (it really looks good). Although we do not know all the specifics involving the features it will have, there are a few technical specs we can share:

1. Screen

The Samsung ATIV S will have a massive 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display, as big as the one in the Galaxy S3, and from what we saw until now, it will give us exceptional high quality images. The screen will probably run on the same resolution as the Galaxy S3’s screen, and that is 720 x 1280 pixels. Also, the screen is very well protected by its Corning Gorilla Glass 2 cover, so you will feel safe with it at any time.

2. Cameras

In this department, there is not so much innovation. I’d expect something like 13 MP back camera, like the LG Optimus G, but instead, it will go with the known 8MP camera that was seen in other phones and it will probably shoot 1080p video at 30fps. The front camera is also something we saw in the past, a 1.9 MP camera, the same as in the Galaxy S3 smartphone. A bit disappointing to say the truth, after we saw that Nokia stuck a 41MP sensor into a smartphone (by the way, I can’t wait to see the Nokia release of the WP8 smartphone).



This is where we are usually blown away, right? Samsung has mounted in this awesome smartphone only a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor and it has only 1GB of RAM memory. That is pretty weak for something that hits the market at almost 3 months after the Galaxy S3 which has a quad-core processor. There have been some speculation about the graphics processor that it will equip the ATIV S, some say it will be the Adreno 225 GPU, however we have not been able to verify this, but even so, the other tech specs drag it down.

4. Battery

The power behind the ATIV S is provided by a 2300mAh battery, and this might be the first thing that it has over other smartphones. Although we don’t know how well will the power management be in WP8, we can be sure it will last longer than the one in the Galaxy S3, because Android is sometimes a power-hungry OS and its users have to look for power management apps to keep their phones “alive”.

5. Design and Features

Samsung ATIV S, from a technology point of view, is nowhere near spectacular (it better reminds me of an iPhone than a Samsung product), but when it comes to design, it takes all the stars. A beautifully crafted device, with a nice bezel around the screen, rounded edges and a physical Windows button (Samsung didn’t go for the capacitive button). Also, it will come in two versions, one with 16GB of internal memory, and the other will be a 32GB version, and for better file sharing, a NFC antenna will be installed on this device.


The back is made out of brushed aluminium and the speaker has a great design, perfectly integrated in the overall phone. At only 8.7mm thick, the Samsung ATIV S has a very nice feel to it, not too light that it would give the impression of a cheap plastic, but too heavy that it would sink in your pocket, it has a perfect balance of weight and size.

For now, atleast, it’s kind of a disappointment, but if the price is right, maybe it will be a successful phone, packing a great new operating system. The technology is not impressive, the design is awesome and maybe Windows Phone 8 will be something like the Windows 8 OS and will work very fast on just about any platform.

The competition

I know I have been comparing it to the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is the last “superphone” that Samsung released (and in my book, still the only one so far), but now, the real competitor for the ATIV S will be Nokia, who will also be unveiling its own creation on September 5th. It will also be a Windows Phone 8 device, and with all the secrecy revolving around it, it must be something awesome! On the Android side, LG has released two awesome smartphones with very good specs, both running Ice Cream Sandwich OS. We hope the very best for Samsung, and we hope for them to give us quality devices in the future.

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