Samsung wants to monetize every drop of Windows 8 and besides the already announced ATIV Tab and its smaller smartphone sibling, ATIV S, the Series 5 and 7 tablet-hybrids will be powered by Microsoft’s upcoming releases. Surprisingly or not, these two models will also pack an optional full-qwerty keyboard which may come to much use in the Windows 8 environment, and which will probably deem the two brothers as strong competitors against Microsoft’s own Surface.

As Samsung accustomed its buyers, these two devices will also be accompanied by the casual S Pen, which can be used with a wide range of native apps to draw and complete specific tasks on the slate. But let’s see what truly distinguishes these newly announced tablets from the rest of the market.


Samsung Series 5 and 7 technical specifications

Both tablets have pretty much the same body, shapes and design, packing an 11.6-inch wide touch-screen display with high resolutions and mechanical hinges to accommodate the optional keyboards. It looks like Samsung opted for mechanical hinges in favor of the classic magnetic approach, to ensure that the keyboard is safely attached to the slate.

Samsung made sure that both devices with an embedded stylus broadly known as the S Pen, just like the one used by Samsung in Galaxy Note 10.1. Pairing this addition with a wide range of native apps will encourage the slates to be used by those who drawn, use hand-writing or create blog posts on-the-go. Speaking of applications and features, here’s what Samsung prepared on the software side:

  • Media Hubs – alongside the usual apps found in Windows 8, Samsung will load the wide software range found in mobile platforms, such as Android
  • AllShare – a DLNA media sharing app
  • S-Launcher – the controversial component which will bring back the classic Start menu to Windows 8, against Microsoft’s own theories
  • eSettings – a centralized options menu which may come in handy more than the classic Windows 8 Control Panel
  • S Note – the helpful tool which allows for easy note-taking and the creation of written documents,as well as integrating pictures and videos (even those taken with a smart camera)

The main differences between the two models lay in the internal parts, where the Series 7 comes with a more powerful processor which also consumes the battery as a power-horse. Containing more advanced technologies and even a display with a broader resolution, the later model is also heavier and will be marketed for a higher price.

Property Series 5 Series 7
Resolution: 1366×768 1920×1080
Weight: 1.65 pounds 1.89 pounds
Processor: Intel Atom 3rd gen Intel Core i5
Storage: 64GB SSD 128GB SSD

Release dates and Pricing Options

Samsung was sure to set the Series 5 and 7 release dates on October 26th, the same day when Windows 8 will start shipping. On this day, those interested will have the possibility of purchasing a Series 7 slate completely with an outside keyboard for $1,119, which is quite a lot for regular tastes.

On the other hand, the Series 5 will cost $649, far less than its more-advanced brother, but it will only pack 2GB of RAM and a 64GB solid-state drive, and without the keyboard. Those wishing to make a hybrid out of the tablet will have to pay $100 extra.

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