As much as I hated the name, it’s almost sure that the next iPhone will be named the iPhone 5 and now not the new iPhone, just like they did with the iPad. Apple has sent invitations to an important event on September 12th at the Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco, where many brilliant Apple products have been launched before. The almost obvious proof that it will be called iPhone 5 is the picture from the invitation, where we can clearly see the shadow of number 5.

Fans from all over the world should know that the event starts on 10 AM Pacific Time, that is 6 PM Greenwich Meridian Time. Stay tuned as we will be sure to give you more details. Albeit there are enough voices that claim a new iPad could also be released, possibly a mini-version, it makes more sense for Apple to hold two different events, at least to honor the huge interest that the media and consumers have shown for these two highly charismatic products from Apple.


iPhone 5 event on 12 September!

Has Apple realized that it will be ruining the search potential of the “iPhone 5” term or they envisioned that 10 years from now, to name the same iPhone – the new iPhone, will not be such a great idea. Besides the 5 shadow, there’re no other clues, but that’s quite enough for how many rumors there have been lately around. I dare saying that quite possibly, when a new iPhone gets launched, that’s the biggest tech announcement of the year.

2012 seems to be a very productive year for technology, as we’ve got so many things happening around us, probably the most important update for diversity being the release of Windows 8 on tablets and smartphones, obvious proof that technology becomes more and more personal and intimate. An iPad mini release in October makes sense, especially since the mid-sized tablet gets crowded, as more models appear – Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Student Edition (7 inch version) and the latest MediaPad 7 from Huawei are just a few names.

Can iPhone 5 once more kill competition?

As for the iPhone 5, we can only hope it won’t be “just an update” like the iPhone 4S was and will come with awe-inspiring features that will steal our eyes from such products as the the Galaxy Note 2, the Samsung Galaxy S3, the LG Optimus impressive duo or many other models from the vast Android empire. In order to be amazing, iPhone 5 needs to improve the following:

  • Improved processor
  • Larger screen (4 inch would be the right size)
  • Thinner chassis
  • LTE ability
  • Improved camera
  • Better battery life
  • Final version of Siri


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