We are back with the second edition of TechPP & HP Ink Advantage printer contest. The first edition was a stupendous success in terms of engagement & participation. If you didn’t win last time, no need to fret. You have yet another chance to win one of the two HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5525 e-AiO printers and one of the ten HP USB Flash drives. And yeah, just like last time, all the answers can be found within this article.


Ideal Printer for home

Choosing the right printer for home is no easy task. Unlike offices & work places, printer usage at home will be considerably lesser. Moreover, maintenance cost will be of a greater concern for home users. So, broadly speaking, an ideal printer for home should have these two major features:

1. One that prints from your wireless device

Unlike workplaces, home users will not be in front of their desktops or laptops all the time. Hence expecting them to switch on their PCs in order to print something will be unfair. This is where wireless printing comes in handy. With wireless printing, users can print from smartphones or tablets. These days, many of the printers come with WiFi Direct technology, which doesn’t even require a WiFi router or access point to send the print command from any of your WiFi enabled device. With wireless & cloud based printing (ePrint), you can get rid of wires and print from anywhere. Here is a short video about how you can use HP’s ePrint technology to print from anywhere.

2. One that is affordable regardless of volume of printing

Typically, Laser printers are preferred in offices because they can print large volumes of text quickly and reliably. But for home usage, the volumes are much lesser. This is why many home users prefer inkjet printers. Moreover, cost of replacement ink cartridges for laser printers are considerably higher. New technologies like HP’s ink advantage cartridges specifically address this issue. Original HP cartridges for Ink Advantage printers can print up to 600 pages at Rs 449. And users can print virtually everything: essays, pie charts, or glossy photos.

Additionally, users can decide if they need an all-in-one printer. Over the past year or so, these all-in-one printers have become much more affordable. In addition to printing, users can scan, copy or even fax documents from a single device.

TechPP & HP Ink Advantage Printer Contest – 2

To participate in the contest, all you need to do is answer a couple of simple questions and share this post with your friends & family. We’ll pick two lucky winners on Sep 18th 2012, who will win a HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5525 e-AiO printer each (worth Rs. 10290). Ten lucky people will win an 8GB HP USB flash drive. This is open to Indian residents only. Please note that the two lucky winners who won the printer in the first edition are not eligible to participate in this edition. Others can try their luck again.

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227 thoughts on “TechPP & HP Ink Advantage Printer Contest – 2

  1. My name is Hitesh Ratnani.
    Inkjet printers are more suitable for home usage. The reason is because the volumes are much lesser, so Inkjet printers are more suitable.

  2. Hello Sir,
    Once again thank you for the 2 round of this contest. in 1 I was not that lucky to win it but no issues as here is the second one.
    The answer to the question is “Inkjet Printers” are more suitable to home usage as the prinnting volume is much lesser than the office.

  3. For Homes Inkjet is very comfortable and handy too. In home most of them won’t have too much print works, One of the advantages of Inkjet is simple and can be mastered after few tries .
    Thanks for Conducting a giveaway !

  4. Thanks for the 2nd round of this contest.
    Which is more suitable for home usage — Inkjet printers because of Printing cost of Inkjet printer is much less than Laser printer.

  5. Which is more suitable for home usage?

    (a) Laser printers or
    (b) Inkjet printers?

    Inkjet printers cost less upfront but their cartridges are costly. Laser printers on the other hand are a bit expensive upfront but are economically good in long run.
    According to me, Inkjet printers are more suitable for home usage. They do color prints too.

  6. Hello Technically Personal Team,

    First Of All thanks Techpp & HP India For organized 2nd contest for us.

    Printers are less expensive than laser printers and inkjet ink cartridges are cheaper than toner cartridges which is use in Laser Printers.

    Laser printers work faster.it can print many document in less time compare to inkjet.
    But tough challenge to print some high graphics & pictures on Laser while on Inkjet print quality is best.

    So,for home user Inkjet Printer is more suitable.

  7. b> Inkjet Printers
    (Since large volumes of text is not the prime criteria, the use of inkjet printers leads to lower cost of printing and the option to print, colour, glossy photos, essays etc. and many come with the all-in-one functionality)

  8. actually it depends.. if you have loads of prints to take every month .. then one should opt for laser printers.Else,for occasional prints,one can choose inkjet printers!!

  9. (b) Inkjet Printers are more suitable for home usage because they are economical, both in price and operational costs.

  10. Very informative for me . I need to buy this printer but when contacted dealers of HP they are saying right know this is not available, Please advice where shall I get it.
    Thanks & Regards

  11. Inkjet printers are the most suitable for home users because of the fact that they are having low running cost when it comes to color prints.

  12. Inkjet printers are most suitable for use at home as the volume of text printing is required is lesser as compared to the offices

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