Do you remember when Tim Cook said that they are going to “double down on secrecy”? If you’re new to the Apple world, then you should know that secrecy and rumors around its products are crucial to their success. That’s how they manage to creat a “mysterious” product, one that sets it apart from the crowd. This has been true in the late Steve Jobs era, but with the iPhone 5 launch, we can clearly see that the “doubling down on secrecy” didn’t work quite as planned.

With previous iPhones and Apple products, overall, I used to think that the rumor mill is nothing more but a way for websites and blogs to cash in from visits and for Apple to gain free, precious publicity. Now, for the first time, we can see that rumors, speculations and leakes have become reality, and just by putting up together previous leaks and the information they provide, one easily realizes that Apple has some serious issues protecting their products.


A lot of iPhone 5 rumors and leaks have become reality

Alright, for you to better understand and see just how many leaks have become reality, we’ll just enlist the features that have become reality (do let us know if you know more). The speculation doesn’t refer only to physical aspects of the iPhone, which is usually the most interesting part of it, but they also relate to the software. So, if a “hardware” leak could have arrived at one of the Chinese factories, is it safe to assume that the software leak came right from Apple’s employees?

I won’t be a jerk and won’t say that 4G LTE, increased processor were speculation. These were obvious updates. I’m talking about the following things, ALL of which have been previously leaked by various online outlets.

Now it seems like a small, innocent list, but I think Apple has a very different opinion about this. They have failed to protect their product, both on the hardware and software fronts. If Apple is not going to do something about it, then next year’s iPhone might be built only by piling up leaks and rumors. Apple, you’ve got a LOT of moles there!

Have a look below at an image obtained by The Verge from a case manufacturer. Very identical, right?


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