Privacy is something that we all take very seriously. This is why developers are trying to bring us apps that can ensure our files remain private, far from the prying eyes of strangers. Such apps were featured in our article on File Locker Apps, available for both Android and iOS devices and we recommend checking out those apps too, there are some apps there that can help you keep your photos private. Now, we take a more specific task, and that is to give you the best apps to hide your photos.

Top Photo Locking Apps for Android

3. Gallery Lock


One of most known apps for locking photos on Android devices, Gallery Lock, offers users top of the line features for keeping their private files…well, private! The app allows a pattern lock and it also features a “stealth mode” that hides the icon and any trace of the app. This is a great advantage when you don’t want your files being seen by others.

In terms of sharing, this app allows you to share your files over Bluetooth or upload them to social networks, this gives back the power over your private files to you, and you can share only the ones you want and only to whom you want. Keep in mind, when you want to uninstall or upgrade to the paid version, unhide your files before you uninstall the free app, if not, you files will be lost.

2. Gallery Lock (media lock)


A great solution for hiding your private photos is to use Gallery Lock (media lock), a photo locking app for Android that allows users to keep their files in a secure location, away from curious eyes. The app is very simple to use, it’s obvious that the developers have gave a lot of thought to the UI, and the result is visible: a very intuitive app which performs marvelous.

The app gives you the possibility to organize your files in folders, create a PIN lock, text lock or pattern and also, you can hide the icon of the app so no one would be the wiser. You can then access your private photos by dialing “#789” from the keypad. Also, you can share hidden files with friends, but you can also set a timer for them to view your private pics. Oh, and did I mention, this app allows you to hide videos as well as photos.

1. Hide pictures – KeepSafe Vault


Your photos will never be as safe as with KeepSafe Vault. This app allows you to quickly add photos and videos to your hidden gallery and hide them under a PIN lock. Also, the app allows you to unhide files very easy, and it features a very simple and intuitive interface. The app allows you to playback video files (except .wmv files) or to view pictures in full screen.

You can organize your private photos and videos in folders and one of the best features of the app: it does not appear in the “Recent Apps” menu. This way, no one can see that you have hidden files inside the KeepSafe Vault. Bottom line, this app offers users premium features that they would normally pay for, free of charge, which is one of the best things about it and it makes it the best app to lock photos for Android.

Top photo locking apps for iOS

3. Photo Lock Free


One of the most simple tools available for locking photos on iOS devices is Photo Lock Free. This tiny app protects your private images in a vault, accessible only if you input the right password. The app also makes use of an excellently designed user interface, but it also has some great features, such as photo viewer, full ASCII keyboard and folder management.

But the thing that makes Photo Lock Free a great photo locking app for iOS is that it gives you the peace of mind you need, knowing that your private pictures are safe and away from any stranger’s eyes. Give it a try and see just how good it can protect your private content and let us know what you think of it by using the comment section below.

2. Private Photo Vault – Ultra Photo+Video Manager


As the developers put it: “a perfect way to hide your special photos”. And they are right! This excellent photo locking app for iOS allows you to hide photos very secure, using password protection, pattern lock and PIN lock. Also, it gives you the opportunity to organize your photos in folders, share them via email, messages, Wi-Fi or upload them to your computer, import or export them to your cloud account, or view them.

It supports video playback as well, so you can hide and view your videos also. The app features a very well thought out user interface, very easy to use and very intuitive, something worthy to be installed on a iPhone.

1. Don’t Touch My Pics – Password lock photos & picture data for peace of mind!


So you bought an iPhone (if not, better see a comparison between the new iPhone 5 and its competitors), you took some pictures and you don’t want anyone to see them, for…various reasons. You don’t want to delete them either and you don’t think your cloud account is too safe. What do you do? Well, install Don’t Touch My Pics and keep your pictures safe from anyone who wants to see them.

This app allows you to keep your pics private and safe, under “lock-and-key”, or rather under password protection. Also, the app allows you to take pictures within the app, so you do not have to hide them afterwards, to view your pictures full screen, taking advantage of your retina display or to share them via MMS or email.

With these tools at your disposal, you can keep all your photos private and safe from unwanted access. Computers have lots of programs that offer privacy options, such as browser plugins or specialized software to protect our privacy or protect our computers from unwanted access. Now, our smartphones can benefit from the same protection.

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