Always wanted to capture picture of your friends without letting them know? Well, Photojojo comes with a new, simple product, which can be attached to most SLR cameras and allows their owners to take stealthy, paparazzi-like pictures without letting the subjects know what even hit them. All of these marvels come at an affordable price and by using a fairly simple accessory.

The product can also be used to capture pictures of tricky position, where you do not have access with normal SLR equipment. The idea is so brilliant and simple, that it allows customers to take shots from behind a corner or from any other tricky place, using its 360 degrees rotation angle.


How does the Super-Secret Spy lens work?

As the manufacturers say, taking spy shots is hard, especially when you’re doing it with a very large device, for the sake of picture quality. Pointing a 20-cm SLR at someone will surely cause heat, but with this new camera adjustment all these troubles can be averted.

Meet the Super-Secret Spy Lens, the accessory for taking unposed shots. Meant to fit at the end of any SLR zoom lens, it bestows the capturer with the possibility of shooting left, right, up or down pictures, while appearing to aim straight ahead.


The product is compatible with most cameras, including those with Prime lenses, and makes use of a ring adapter to assemble the connection between the two components. In order to choose this ring you will have to know the filter size for the lens or, let the product picker do it for you. Also, those with a non-SLR camera that can use a SLR-style filer for their lens are in luck, because the product only requires a compatible filter, not the whole device.

The shipment is said to arrive in 24 hours, for most locations, and start at the price of $2 for those based in USA. Elsewhere, it might be a bight pricier. If you’ve made up your mind, here’s the offer:

  • Adapter: $5-10
  • Spy Lens plus Adapter: $50-55
  • Ultimate Kit, which comes with 7 rings to fit the majority of cameras: $85

Source: Photojojo
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