Capture5Flash drives are the ideal storage devices but when an item is too expensive for your taste, or simply you lack the space and room to purchase such equipment, alternatives can always be found. In the case presented today, an application found inside Apple’s AppStore can do the trick for most iOS device, by transforming any generation of the iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad (even the latest iPhone 5) into a wireless flash drive.

Besides finding another scope to old smartphones, Wireless Drive manages to easily configure any iOS device into a flash drive that does not require any wiring, and comes with full compatibility to many file formats and casual actions. For those needing extra space to store pictures, movies, or large apps, this is the solution.

Wireless Drive: ad-hoc flash drives for iOS

Built by Eightythree Technology, Wireless Drive costs only $0.99 and is also optimized for the iPhone 5. Although developers have chosen the latest Apple smartphone as their favorite, the software actually requires iOS 4.3 or later to be run so, as long as this criteria is meet, any Apple device is supported.wireless-flash-drive-iphone

The main scope of Wireless Drive is to remotely store files on a device and connect it to a Mac or Windows running PC without any cables. The connection is established using the Wi-Fi antenna and transfers can be performed with simple movement gestures, just like transferring files from one partition to another. Besides performing its transforming magic, Wireless Drive provides the following features:

  • Document Viewer and text editor
  • PDF reader
  • Music player
  • Image viewer
  • Voice recorder
  • File manager which allows deleting, moving, copying, sharing and even compressing files

On top of everything presented, the iOS application also has built-in cloud storage support for well-known services such as Dropbox and iCloud, allowing the owner to use them just as on a regular desktop machine. Wireless Drive can be downloaded from iTunes.

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4 thoughts on “How to Turn the iPhone, iPod, iPad into Wireless Flash Drives

  1. I just bought this app and am not sure how to do file transfers from Finder. I don’t find any further info about the ‘simple movement gestures’ mentioned in this post.

    Any ideas?

    • Transfers should be done simply by dragging and dropping the desired file. Have you enabled the Wi-Fi connection and are you able to see the second device?

  2. I just found this app an I am getting a iPhone and I am 11 and in December is my birthday well I am saving up amd getting a iPhone well today I went to WalMart amd I went to look at the iPhones and it was fucking cool well bye

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