Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are going to fight in a number of debates in order win your hearts and become the next USA president. If you will not be in front of your TV, you mustn’t miss the opportunity to watch online the 2012 presidential debate. And thanks to all the smartphones and tablets, you can watch the presidential debate online and even on the go! If you are at work or just away from a TV, read our short guide to know how to watch online, live the 2012 presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Earlier today, Obama and Romney debated at the University of Denver, moderated by Jim Lehrer. Four years ago, when the last presidential debates took place, technology wasn’t that advanced and we didn’t have this unbelievable Internet coverage. In this year’s election, social media will play a very crucial role, increasing the importance of the online environment. And as more and more people are leaving the TV for the Internet, it’s easy to understand why this year’s presidential debate will have a considerable amount of online viewers.


How to watch online the 2012 presidential debate

It will be interesting to watch this year’s presidential debate because, for the first time, people will express their opinions much more active than they did before. Using Twitter, Facebook and other online means of communiation, they interaction will go on even after the debate will have ended. In case you missed the first debate on the 3rd of October, be sure not to miss the next ones:

  • Thursday, Oct. 11 — Vice-presidential debate on foreign and domestic policy
  • Tuesday, Oct. 16 — Presidential town meeting on foreign and domestic policy
  • Monday, Oct. 22 — Presidential debate on foreign policy

Where to watch/follow online the presidential debate

  1. ABC News – YouTube channel, YouTube politics channel, ABC’s iPad app
  2. CBS News – Ustream
  3. CNN – CNN iOS appswatch-online-presidential-debate
  4. Fox News 
  5. Hulu
  6. Huffington Post
  7. The Wall Street Journal – WSJ Live  iPad, WSJ Live Android, WSJ Smart TV 
  8. Politico
  9. NPR Coverage
  10. Univision (spanish)
  11. C-SPAN 
  12. The Sunlight Foundation 
  13. Aereo
  14. The Peel companion Android app
  15. Tumblr elections Live Gif
  16. Ponderoo iOS 
  17. Al Jazeera English + Reddit 
  18. Twitter hashtag
  19. Xbox Live elections

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  1. Another way to follow the debates is with Cliptamatic, a new app for the iPhone. Video clips of the best moments from the debates will be available in the app in real-time for users to watch and share with their friends.

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