Evidence that Apple’s future small-sized tablet, the iPad Mini, are lately appearing like mushrooms after the rain. Earlier this week, an Australian blogger claimed that he has purchased not one, but two iPad Mini cases from a secret retailer which already has them in production. It’s no secret that some case makers produce accessories even before a product is announced, betting hard on rumored specifications, but the two leaked models really contour the image of the possible product.

Cygnett, the Australian manufacturer in question has supposedly gone for the risky path, hoping to make a profit out of being one of the firsts which has a product to sell the very second after the iPad Mini releases. From the reports we’ve found that Cygnett’s case appears to be the final version, coming with usage instructions and a very polished design.


Is it surely for the iPad Mini?

At the moment, the Australian company sells two models, named the Flexi-folding folio case and the Extra protective fitted case, both hinting towards the possibility that the iPad Mini will be 7.85-inch wide, after a big set of measuring of both products. The exact size of this two cases is 200 x 130 x 10 mm, resulting a 23 cm diagonal or 9-inches, in plain English. Cutting down Apple’s traditional 2 cm edges, it leaves the product with a display diagonal around the rumored.

Supposedly, another point to back up the rumors is the “certain” authority Cygnett has in Australia, and the “fact” that they would not create a product unless Apple itself would whisper to their ears. Either that, or a good bet. Where’s that doze of salt?

From what we suspect at the moment, the iPad Mini should be around 7 inches wide (the 7.85 is not fixed, but certainly a possibility) and should be sold with a price tag below $300. Considering the vivid competition gathered this year by the Nexus 7, the Nook HD, the Kindle Fire HD and even by the Galaxy Note 10.1, Apple will have a tough journey on this segment.

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