Instagram, the phenomenon that hit the world back in 2011 has become more popular than ever, catching as a fever amongst those who wish to capture unique moments, while enhancing them with an aging aura. And for such a trend, which will surely not be passing in the upcoming months, a searching service integrated into the website has been implemented.

By the help of, users can now search and find Instagram pictures, based on the location where they were took. Thus, a vivid fan of the service can now track what people capture around the neighborhood and why not, even get in contact with them. Besides the actual purpose of the service, perhaps may become a Facebook-like meeting place for Instagramers.

How does works?

Created by Oskar Sundberg and Per Stenius, alongside a Swedish team, was built using APIs ported from Instagram, Foursquare, Geonames and of course, Geoplugin. Each and every service listed here can be without question find helping in the process, Foursquare and Geoplugin supplying location-related information, while Instagram and Geonames helped with identifying pictures and accounts in the process.


When arriving on the first page, welcomes the user with a simple and classy interface, which is composed out of a background map, two boxes for inserting the desired searching location and a short list of the most seek places at the moment. At the first entry, the service also asks, politely, for retrieving the computer location – a information which is not demanded to enjoy

After typing the location you wish to search for, let’s say Paris, France, will retrieve the most recent Instagram pictures that were tagged in that very same place. Shown as a list, results can be as old as two minutes or even two months, with an exact limit being unknown at the moment. Speaking of the location, any input is accepted, even as specific as the name and number of a street, as long as someone tagged an Instagram picture there.

Leaving the obvious aside, can also be used for getting forbidden shots, taken by others in locations such as the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican City, where cameras are strictly forbidden. Moreover, when viewing a result, the photo will be linked to the actual Instagram website, revealing precious information for some, like the account name of the one who captured the pic.


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