These days, privacy is one of the hottest subjects on the web. With the launch of so many websites and services, we are always connected and sometimes, such basic rights as anonimity are being neglected. Recently, as we’ve showed in our Tech This Week article, Huawei and ZTE, both Chinese companies, have been declared as threats to U.S’ national security. There’s an entire report on this matter, and it’s quite interesting. Here are just a few sentences from it:

The threat posed to U.S. national-security interests by vulnerabilities in the telecommunications supply chain is an increasing priority given: the country’s reliance on interdependent critical infrastructure systems; the range of threats these systems face; the rise in cyber espionage; and the growing dependence all consumers have on a small group of equipment providers

China has the means, opportunity, and motive to use telecommunications companies for malicious purposes.

The Committee finds that Huawei did not fully cooperate with the investigation and was unwilling to explain its relationship with the Chinese government or Chinese Communist Party, while credible evidence exists that it fails to comply with U.S. laws.

We will not try to analyze the implications of this issue, and will let you explore on your own that report. Instead, have a look at the comic below and make your own conclusions.


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