Another week has ended and technology moves further with its accelerated pace. Summer is long behind and we are approaching the holidays, maybe the time of the year when people buy a lot of gadgets and devices for them or the dear ones. And all the big names in technology are well aware of that fact and they are ready to convince you to buy their products. We are still in the middle of Autumn, though, so let’s see what were the most important tech news in the 8-14 October week, brought to you by Technology Personalized.



  • iPad Mini launch planned for 23rd October – Following a storm of rumors and leaks surrounding the iPad Mini, now it seems that we’ve got something more palpable. AllThingsD apparently has heard about an event that will take place on 23rd October, and there is enough reason to believe that we’re talking about the launch of the iPad Mini. AllThingsD didn’t fail when they reported on the iPhone 5 event, why should they now?
  • Windows 8 Pricing starts at $99 – This past week has been filled with Windows 8 stories. We told you about Windows 8 optimized accessories, Windows 8 secrets, about how to navigate in Windows 8. And after that, the big news arrived – Windows 8 pricing – just how much will you have to pay for Microsoft’s latest and greatest OS? If you ask me, the best way to experience Windows 8 is to buy one of the many Windows 8 tablets or hybrids.
  • Firefox 16 has been released – Mozilla is always very busy updating its main product, the Firefox browser. We’ve reached version 16, and you should download it if you haven’t done it already. Personally, I don’t think it’s better than Chrome, but they’re doing a great job always updating it. If the mobile Firefox OS will have any luck, then the market share of the browser will only have to benefit from that.
  • iPod Touch reviews are in – I’ll be honest with you – I like quite a lot the 2012 version of the iPod Touch and I’m seriously thinking about buying it. After comparing it with the 2012 iPod Nano and other devices on the market, I realize it’s worth the money. The reviews may convince you or not, but it’s always a personal choice, nonetheless. It’s enough to say it’s thinner even the iPhone 5 (which is not the world’s thinnest smartphone) and has the great display and power of iPhone 4S.
  • Facebook synchronous gameplay and “want” button – Facebook is serious about making some money about a lousy IPO (which we thought would be a healthy sign of a digital economy). Apparently, Facebook is testing a “want/collect” button that would allow users to group pictures of certain products in a Pinterest-like way. Also, we’ve recently gone a little deep on the social gaming matter and showed just how much Facebook would benefit from synchronous gameplay, you really don’t want to miss it.
  • AMD readies a revolutionary Z-60 chip for hybrids – AMD is steadily entering the mobile game as well, after Intel made its mainstream appearance with the Motorola Razr i. AMD promises tht its Z-60 chip will deliver great battery life and performance for hybrid tablets. And we even have numbers here – almost a full day of use! Could they be using the 14 Nm transistor technology?
  • Lenovo launches ThinkPad Twist and IdeaTab Lynx – Lenovo is getting more and more serious about its Windows 8 game, adding ThinkPad Twist and IdeaTab Lynx to the line-up. The ThinkPad Twist is the most interesting product here, because it’s a convertible tablet-ultrabook that has up to 8GB of RAM and i7 core processor. Quite a lot of power inside and for a “good” price.


  • Samsung launches Galaxy S III Mini, Samsung
  • Windows Phone 8 pre-orders begin on October 21st, TheVerge
  • Google-Samsung 10 inch Nexus tablet to launch in late 2013, Cnet
  • US government claims Huawei and ZTE pose a risk to national security, Reuters
  • Kickstarter UK will launch on October 31st, Kickstarter
  • eBay Now app for same-day delivery launched, TNW
  • Twitter planning its own video hosting service, AllThingsD
  • Is this LG’s Nexus phone?, TheVerge
  • $13 Txtr Beagle is world’s cheapest and smallest e-Reader, Mashable
  • Build a Mars base with a box of engineered bugs, NewScientist
  • Angry Birds Star Wars reportedly on the way, Rovio Tumblr

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