You’ve already started seeing plethora of Microsoft & Windows 8 articles on the web (including yours truly) and it will only ramp up from now on, as October 26th is the scheduled launch of Windows 8 & Microsoft Surface. Microsoft has just aired their first Surface ad on US national television, and the mysterious tablet continues to be a mystery. Microsoft doesn’t bother to tell you what their tablet can do for you or how much it’d cost, except that it goes on sale on 26th of this month.

Here is the click-click ad.

As TNW points out, the first Microsoft Surface ad is full of weird stuff.

So what Iโ€™m getting from this is that whipping out a Surface tablet, which goes on sale on October 26th, induces visions of thug school girls, kungfu hip hop and old people kissing.

Not many companies get the art of advertising their products through the features. Samsung has often resorted to belittle the customers of Apple, and others like Motorola & Nokia have followed suit. For your reference, here is the first ever TV ad for Apple iPad.

And here is the first ever ad for Google Nexus 7.

See the difference? Both the ads tell people why exactly they should buy their tablet. On the other hand, Microsoft is happy to promote their magnetically aligned keyboard cover without telling anything about the tablet itself.

Not wise, Microsoft.

Update: And now, we have the second ad. Much better and to-the-point!

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9 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface TV ad is Cool but Misses the Point [Updated]

  1. Cabaret-style ad! But, then again, let’s put things this away – the Nexus 7 and iPad ads were both released after the product was oficially launched, right? So, how could Microsoft run an ad detailing tablet’s specs and what it can do if they haven’t launched it yet? ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s an “artistic ad”, I get its point.

    • Microsoft officially announced Surface FOUR months back. We already know the specs, but not the general public. Ideal thing would be to tell (possible) customers why they need to buy Surface and not other tablets.

        • Doesn’t matter how many more ads will come. The first TV ad has always have a special importance and I believe Microsoft has fallen short with their effort. Let’s see how “the general public” react to this.

          • @Raju: Think you’re missing the point. Surface is relatively unknown to the wider public. This ad is purely about the object (not software) and it’s key differentiation amongst a crowded tablet market. It’s purpose is to make you just notice the new product and that’s it. Showing all the features at this point would be too much and distract from the uniqueness of the object. Step (Ad) 1 is get people thinking about the word “Surface”. Step (Ad) 2 is explain the benefits/features – which is where the Windows 8 ads come it. MS is not Apple and unlike iPads, Win8 is marketed as a unified platform across multiple devices so MS need to tackle it differently. It’s a catchy ad – I like it.

          • Where is Step 2? Except for the cover and kickstand, no real benefits/features are explained. If MS thinks people will consider to buy a tablet for the kickstand, best of luck for them. And yes, there is nothing about Win8 in the ad.
            The ad is cool and catchy, and I like it too. But it could have been so much better.

  2. Everybody knows what a tablet is and does in 2012. So, MS should show what their tablet has that other tablets do not — the touch cover and kick stand.
    Windows 8 commercials will be everywhere, so Surface commercials do not necessarily have to show OS.
    To get the general public to pay attention completely to a 60 second commercial is hard. This commercial achieves that and will get people curious about the product.

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