We know that everyone is interested in their health and the way they look, and because technology has helped us in the past, we think it can do it again. By using our smartphones as personal trainers, we found that fitness apps, available for both Android smartphones and iOS devices can give us a hand in keeping fit and healthy. Now, we try a different approach and we hope to complete those fitness apps or the biking apps we featured, also for android and iOS.

Diet planning is something very important. You need to keep track of what activities you do,what do you eat and when you eat. And this is where these diet planning apps kick in. They allow you to keep track of your diet, see which foods are best for you and keep a detailed log of how your diet is progressing.

Top 3 Diet Planning Apps for Android

3. Food Planner


If you want to eat healthy, then you need a battery of cooking recipes, carefully sorted for each stage of your diet. This is why Food Planner is something you definitely need in your app drawer.

This app gives you the possibility to input recipes, search online and add recipes to your diet and manage your calorie input. Also, you can create shopping lists and manage your receipts. A great aspect of this app is that you can tell how much money you spend on food, so it can double as a great banking app for your Android device.

2. Diet Assistant – Weight Loss


Offering a host of features for those who are interested in losing weight, Diet Assistant is a great way way to keep track of your calories. It features profiles for different alimentation types, such as: vegetarian, low GI, high protein, pescatarian or the “healthy eater”.

Also, you can keep track of your weight by using a graph that shows your changes in particular time frame. Other features of the app consist in BMI calculator, diet tricks and tips and a fully customizable widget. The app has a slick and intuitive UI, so you can easily access the information you want.

1. My Diet Coach – Pro


One of the most complete diet planning apps you will ever find for your Android device is My Diet Coach – Pro. This app offers users a complete package of tools, ranging from calorie calculator, diet calendar, diary and panic button to activate when you are craving certain foods.

The feature list goes on and one so I recommend trying it and seeing for yourself how useful this app is. Also, InpiredApps, the developer of this awesome app, have given us more apps for weight loss, so you can choose the best one for you.

Top 3 Diet Planning Apps for iOS

3. Calorie Counter PRO by MyNetDiary


If you know what you eat, then you can change your habits by choosing healthier foods. This is the principle on which Calorie Counter is based. It has an enormous database of foods with a great amount of information on each, showing you which foods are best to eat.

Also, you can get a daily or weekly analysis to see where you need to improve on your diet, and one of the best parts of this app is that it works offline, so you do not need a data connection to use it. Calorie Counter Pro also has an exercise plan that will prove very useful if you are interested in losing weight.

2. mySupplements


When trying to lose weight and build body mass, you need intense training. This is what every nutritionist or athlete will tell you. And to this, sometimes you need a little push, and that puch can come from nutritional supplements.

Although this area of training is surrounded in a great deal of controversy, mySuppliments takes the guesswork out of this field and gives you the perfect balance of workout and diet supplements you need to beef up. You can monitor your progress via the built in graph that measures your weight and and you can closely monitor the intake of calories, carbs and other proteins.

1. Meal Planning by Food on the Table


Offering great meal planning tips and providing you with a tool for creating a meal plan for the entire family, as well as giving you information on where are the best groceries to make your shopping and the cheapest and healthiest restaurants near you, Meal Planning by Food on the Table is a double win. For those who are looking for the best diet planning app, or for those in need of a money saving app. I recommend this app for anyone who is interested in having a healthier life or taking a diet.

Having a healthy body is something we all should be concerned of. This is why we put effort in promoting technology that can help us. If you think of it, all advancements in technology should help us have a better life, to live longer and stay healthier. The first step is wanting a better lifestyle, the second is acquiring the tools to do so, here is where we can help you.

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I often wonder, where is technology heading? What do all of these advances mean for us and for our future? I sometimes miss the days when I didn’t know how to use a floppy disk, or how a computer CPU works, but now, until I find an answer to my questions, I’ll keep tracking these advances and show everything I find to those who share my interests.