Have you heard about the filter bubble? We have discussed about it in our interview with Robert Scoble and in our search for the cleanest search engine. But, you should also check this video by Eli Pariser that started all this mess.

Now, it’s DuckDuckGo’s chance to use the Filter Bubble idea to show the world just why they are better than Google. Have a look at the video below and let us know if you’re willing to quit Google and embrace a different, not so “intrusive” search engine.

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5 thoughts on “Would you Quit Using Google Because of the Filter Bubble?

  1. I really used to love Google as the best Internet search engine around, but things have changed. More and more often, I’m dissatisfied with the results it shows, because it’s “over-tailored”, and overly commercial. Showing what Google thinks is good for me is a nice try, too bad they figure it out wrong so often!

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