One of the many advantages of having an Android smartphone is that you can mount an SD card and navigate through it and through the internal storage of your phone. Of course, for this, you need a file explorer app. Some phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S or some custom ROMs come with this app pre-installed, but what about the others? There are lots of file manager apps available on the Play Store, each with its own features and UI, but how to choose the best one?

In this article, we will try to cover the best android file manager apps available on the market. They offer users the possibility not only to navigate through their files, but also to move and organize them. Keep in mind that some of them need root permissions, if this is the case, you might want to refer first to our rooting guide.

Top Android File Manager Apps

7. Root Browser (File Manager)


JRummy Apps Inc. has given us lots of wonderful apps in the past, probably the best known of them is the BusyBox Installer. Root Browser is also a great app full of nice features that will give your phone an entire new level of customization.

You can manage and organize your files and folders very easy and navigate through your SD card or internal storage very easy with the cool UI that the app has. All who used apps developed by JRummy Apps can attest to how good this app is, I recommend it for anyone in need of a good Android file manager.

6. ES File Explorer File Manager


Although not the most easy to use Android file manager app out there, ES File Explorer has some of the coolest features you can want. The app allows you to create archives, extract from archives, manage and organize folders and files, manage apps or kill tasks.

Apart from these, you can also connect to your shared folders of your network, an awesome feature that many other apps do not have. The list of features is long and and very interesting, so I’ll let you discover them and see what an awesome app ES File Explorer is.

5. ROM Toolbox Pro


Although not a file explorer in strict sense, ROM Toolbox Pro offers lots of features, one of which is a file manager. This app can be installed as a stand-alone or it can be installed along with the Pimp my ROM suite of tweaks and mods for Android devices.

The file explorer offers all the basic features that any other apps have, but you also get the nice extras that the package contains. Give this app a try and see all the cool features it can give you. Keep in mind that the app is intended for root users, so you might want to root your device before installing.

4. AndroZip File Manager


One of the best know apps for creating and opening archives, AndroZip gives its users a great file manager that helps them easily navigate through the folders on their SD cards or internal memory. Also, users of this app have at their disposal a task manager and a backup service, which can help them make their Android device more secure.

Also, if you decide you want to support the developer of the app by purchasing the paid app, you can benefit from the send via email feature that allows you to rapidly share files on your phone.

3. Solid Explorer Beta2


I must admit, I was at first skeptical about this app. That is until I tried it, and I was amazed about how good the app performs and how well the UI looks and works. It’s the first Android file managing app that has a split screen browser so you can easily drag and drop files from one location another.

Also, it allows users to sync their files to cloud storage services like Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive. You can create or extract archives and browse FTP networks. Solid Explorer Beta2 is one of the best file managers I have tried and I recommend it to everyone, but be careful, if your device does not have a bigger screen, then the view might be a little cluded.

2. Root Explorer (File Manager)


If you have rooted your Android smartphone, then something like Root Explorer is a must have for you. This app allows users to benefit from the root access and modify the contents of their devices at will. You can easily access all your files and folders, create or extract archive and share your files very easy.

If you are looking for the perfect root explorer, then you have found it. Although it does not have all the extra features that other apps have, Root Explorer gives you exactly what you need, and that is an awesome Android file manager.

1. ASTRO File Manager / Browser


I have been using Astro File Manager for the last year now, and can’t say I have anything to be unpleased about. I remember in old days, it used to have some errors, but now, the developers have turned it into a perfect app that works awesome and gives you an awesome array of features.

Apart from the awesome looking file manager, you also have cloud sync with Dropbox and Google Drive, app backup and cloud backup of all your files, including your deleted ones. The app is packed full of awesome features, why don’t you give it a try?

Of course, there are many more Android file Manager Apps on the Play Store, we tried to give you a selection of the best we could find. If you use other apps for managing your folders and you think they are worthy of being in this list, please let us know by leaving a comment.

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