Apple has just announced the 4th generation iPad, the new new iPad or the iPad 4, call it as you wish. And naturally, to be able to squeeze some sales from the old new iPad, they are bringing down the prices for it. So, if you’re not interested in the iPad Mini and you don’t have enough cash for the latest iPad, then refurbished 3rd generation iPads are what you’re looking for.

Technological breakthrough is bound and determined, so there are many victims that are left behind, and one of them is the once great and shinning, now old, new iPad (3rd generation). What once seemed to be the king of the tablets is now something obsolete. But, like many out there, I don’t buy that and I think people should always go for the cheaper ways of acquiring Apple products, such as with the iPhone. The 3rd generation iPad is still good, so, don’t worry, a refurbished version will do just fine.


Where to buy refurbished 3rd generation iPads

1. Apple Store

Of course, the best and most reliable place to buy an refurbished iPad is and will remain the official Apple Store. Right now, the cheapest iPad that you can get is the black, 16 GB, Wi-Fi only, at $379. The top model, the LTE one, will cost you $679. Don’t be afraid, all refurbished iPads come with the same 1-year warranty as the new iPad, they have all the manuals and accessories, new battery and outer shell and a new white box. Go on the official website and explore the models that you like and choose the right refurbished iPad for you.

2. Walmart

Albeit you won’t get the best deals on Walmart, they also have some good solutions if you’re a loyal Walmart customer. Right now might not be the best moment to buy from them, since the cheapest refurbished iPad can’t match Apple’s offer. But check with them once the 4th generation iPad roll-out begins, as there will defnitely be a price cut.

3. GameStop

Gaming afficionados that want to try some more casual gaming on the iPad, might visit a GameStop store and buy one of the refurbished 3rd generation iPads from there. Just like we said with Walmart, it’s better to wait for the latest iPad roll-out to really start, because that’s the moment when retailers will make some serious discounts and you might want to check out then. We’re informing of the places where you’ll be able to get them.

Other places

Check also Amazon and eBay (your country version, if you have one) in 2 weeks or so, and I’m sure you’ll find there plent of refurbished 3rd generation iPads. Also, check out with your main retailers from your country, if you’re not from US, because I’m sure there are offers. For example, in Canada, usually, you can get refurbished iPads at FactoryDirect. In UK, I’d suggest searching on HotUKDeals.


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