When we first heard the news about the newest Google branded Samsung Chromebook, we thought that it will ultimately generate such an impact that it could actually be compared to what Kindle Fire has done to tablets like the iPad. It seems that will have to wait a bit more, as a larger percentage of readers believe that Google’s latest laptop can only function with an internet connection.

Well, today we will talk about which Google Chromebook features can be used without a live internet connection and we will blast the offline myths right out of their seats. At the end of this article, buying an Chromebook might once more seem a viable option, especially for its attractive price tag.


What Chromebook features can be used without internet?

Although Chromebook is powered by the browser-inspired Chrome OS, the laptop can still be used in offline mode. For instance, users can view and edit files found in the Google Drive sector, whether they are images, documents or even PDF files, even though they are located on the Google cloud. This also goes for Microsoft Office documents, but users will have to resort to the PC version of the Google Drive application when editing something.

Speaking of the changes, all offline modifications brought to files stored on the Google drive will be saved and updated when a connection is available again. The only limitation is that users will have to manually enable “offline use” on every device.

The same principle applies to Google’s offline email client, which works properly without internet. The difference is that messages will be sent only when a connection is available (pretty logical), but you can still read old emails (very useful).

Moreover, applications fall right into the same category, because Google has allowed developers to port the code in such a manner that it can be made usable without an internet connection. The bad part is that not all programmers have done it, so only certain apps will function offline. At this moment, Google has around a thousand of these, from casual games to productivity helpers.

The last portion addresses to any kind of media files located on SD card or USB flash drives, which can be accessed just like on any other computer.



In a few words, the Google Chromebook has a limited use without internet connection, but it is still usable. There is absolutely no major difference between using a regular computer without internet and the Chromebook, as long as we are referring to simple software. Because Google’s laptop is not compatible with regular software, differences will be felt for users who wish to play with Photoshop, Dreamweaver and other advanced apps. But, that’s not even the scope of Chromebook after all.

Source: Zdnet

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