Google’s October 29th event was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, but that didn’t stop them from announcing the much expected Nexus 10 tablet and Nexus 4 smartphone, both carrying an improved Android 4.2 OS, still called Jelly Bean. The upcoming update brings a modest set of new features, which should be experienced by Android users in the upcoming period. Although an actual release date was not set for the over-the-air update, the latest mobile operating system from Google should arrive first on Nexus smartphones and eventually on others.

It’s worth noting that Android 4.2 Jelly Bean doesn’t live up to its name as being an incremental update and the features introduced may spark the interest of plenty users, and could develop into something that may make some abandon their current smartphone for. Without further ado, here are the new features:


Android 4.2 New Features

  • Photo Sphere – Google ports the idea of space navigation through photos right from Street View and into the plain camera application. Android 4.2 users will soon be able to capture snapshots of a certain area by using directional buttons and picturing situations frame by frame.
  • photo-sphere

  • Multiple User Access – although devs don’t call it this way exactly, a multiple user access method has been implemented into Android. Just like in Windows 8, a tablet can now be shared with other persons simply by creating multiple accounts. Each account will automatically preserve personal data like backgrounds, widgets, and homescreen, with switching being done by locking the device. At this moment, this is a tablet-only feature.
  • Wireless Display – every Android device will soon be able to stream content wireless to every HDMI-compatible TV, as long as it has a proper adapter  Also, this feature can be used to watch photo albums, news content from Currents and weather information.
  • Gesture Typing – Swype is so good that developers have ported its concepts right inside the Android keyboard, without giving any credit for the idea at all. As it was long rumored, users can now type a message by continuously moving their fingers on the keyboard, with letters being “guessed” by an algorithm.
  • gesture-typing

  • Notifications – notifications has been extended to an unknown degree, with users being allowed to take action in some situations, like snoozing a meeting or emailing all the guests, right from the notification area.
  • Google NowAndroid’s own assistant could not be forgotten in this precious update, and Google Now is able to predict the weather, offer related information if the user is in a train station, show locations near by which have been popular in worldwide photos, bring movie-related information and much more.

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