We have never been fans of drop tests, which have become a rage these days. For the uninitiated, drop tests are those where gadgets are dropped from certain heights to mimic real-life spills & gauge the strength and build quality of gadgets. We had compared iPad mini & Nexus 7 few days back, but this comparison, is little wacky and weird.

Folks from SquareTrade, a company specializing in gadget insurance and protection plans, tipped us about this drop test video, where they drop the iPad mini, Nexus 7 and for some crazy reason, even the third generation iPad. Unlike other drop tests, where the drops are non-uniform (and hence unfair in some cases), SquareTrade has devised a little more scientific way to do the drop tests. They have built a custom device which make it fair for all the gadgets during the drop tests.


The first test involved dropping all the three devices on their corners. Here, the iPad mini did fairly well with some minor scratches on the corners. Nexus 7 though, took a beating with a crack on the edge. FWIW, the iPad 3 cracked up the most.

The second test, which I could barely watch, had the three beauties drop down from 4 feet, right on their faces. That was a little too much for iPad mini, which held up fairly well on corner drop test. The display got shattered and the glass came off at some places. Surprisingly, the Nexus 7 held up really well with minor cracks on sides and middle. And the iPad 3, got its display completely shattered, while my heart quietly wept.

Finally, the water drop test. Though you can try to save and repair your device after water damage, there is no guarantee for success in that. Hence this is an important test. All the three devices were dropped into water for 10 seconds. The iPad mini & the iPad 3 popped right on, while the Nexus 7 switched off automatically to reduce the damage. Now that’s a cool thing to do in such cases. SquareTrade also informed us that Nexus 7 worked just fine after powering it up.

The reason to have the video right at the end, is to provide an opportunity to those who wouldn’t like to watch the heart-wrenching pain caused on these beautiful gadgets. If you aren’t one of those, click play below.

Do let us know if these drop tests impacts your buying decisions in any way.

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One thought on “Drop Test: iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 vs iPad 3

  1. Drop Tests always make me cringe. Even worse are those completely unnecessary ‘Will It Blend?’ videos. I don’t see the point – I mean, I know that if I’m going to drop a gadget, it will damage it to some extent. So I’d rather invest in a protective case if I’m scared of dropping it.

    Also, these drop test videos can’t possibly impact my buying decision because I have absolutely no clue about how and when in the future I’ll be dropping the said device. It’s all down to pure luck and a lot of random variables.

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