Being an European citizen has lots of advantages, especially when it comes to mobile events and even smartphone launches (Samsung has a habit of indulging us first), but every now and then I remember that USA has made a habit of forbidding certain services outside its borders. In this category we can find the renowned television streams Netflix and Hulu, accompanied by a range of interesting websites such as Pandora, Rdio and even others. As you may well know if you are living in a country outside US, these services don’t need your money.

This disadvantage will soon disappear, as Media Hint has just developed a browser extension/plug-in compatible with Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox, which allows Europeans and other folks based in foreign countries to enjoy forbidden services outside US. The software is completely free, requires only a modern browser and does its job with flying colors.


How to use forbidden streaming services outside US

When it comes to technology, it’s usually the US and the rest of the world. We personally do not agree with that, and neither does Media Hint. This company has developed an extension that allows users to access internet streaming services from every corner of the world, with no additional set-up and tools required. Once the plug-in is installed, the software will somehow hide your identity and you can create an account on Netflix just like any other user. Now here’s what needs to be done:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome or Firefox installed.
  2. Start the browser and navigate to Media Hint’s website.
  3. Click the “Start Using” button.
  4. Install the extension from the official Chrome / Mozilla store.
  5. Restart the browser and enjoy the stream.

PermissionsEven though it works its magic for every country out there (users have applauded from Canada, Finland, Romania, Mexico, Russia, China, Denmark and others), we’ve found one downside of the application. Apparently, the user will have to agree with the fact that this extension will access your data on every website whatsoever, which can be a bit more than expected. We would suggest that privacy freaks can use the extension in Incognito window or use one of these free VPNs.

Source: FSM

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