When it comes to over the top device pricing in India, Apple in general takes most of the flak (“Why should ANYONE pay Rs 45,000 for a phone?” etc.), but after the news of the launch of the Nexus 7 tablet pricing, Asus could well be giving the Cupertino giant in the “hey, that price is unfair” stakes.

The root for most people’s dissatisfaction seems to stem from the difference between the Dollar conversion price of the Nexus 7 and its Indian price. But then Asus does seem to have of late developed this penchant for significantly butchering the appeal of some of its most promising products by attaching rather high price tags to them in the Indian market.

Sample the following:

Asus Transformer Prime


US Price: $599 (for 64 GB) + $149 (for keyboard) = $748

Rupee exchange price (about Rs 50 per Dollar at the time of Indian release)= Rs 37,400

Actual price in India: Rs 49,999

Percentage difference: 33.67% (1000$, you pay $252 more )

The tablet that could look like an ultrabook and had a battery life to kill for worked brilliantly, but unfortunately cost about as much as a real ultrabook. Would it have worked at a price that was closer to the Galaxy Note rather than the Asus S3? We will never know, but we do wonder…

Asus Padfone


US Price: $980 (approximately, with keyboard, as per the Verge)

Rupee exchange price (about Rs 54 per dollar at time of Indian release) = About Rs 52,920

Indian price: Rs 64,999

Percentage difference: 22.83% (1200$, you pay $220 more)

It could work as a phone, a tablet, a notebook, had amazing battery life and once again was every inch a unique proposition. But not only did it take its time coming to India but when it did, it cost a fair bit more than many had imagined. Again, a matter of what might have been.

Nexus 7


US Price: $199

Rupee exchange price (about Rs 54 per Dollar at the time of Indian release)= Rs 10,816

Indian price: Rs 19,950

Percentage difference = 84.81% ($369, you pay $170 more)

We don’t know what hidden subsidies keep the Nexus 7 tablet’s price at $199, but we can concede that we have seldom seen a product launched in India at close to double its international price. What else can we say?

Note: This might not be the last case of “why this high price” outrage you see this month. All kinds of material is sure to hit the fan if the Nexus 4 does get released at anywhere near the Rs 30,000 mark.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Asus, Who Does Your Pricing for India?

  1. Add another gadget to this line of overpriced shit by Asus.. Asus Taichi 21 – the base model costs about 1300$ but in India, the price has been set at over/about 1 lakh as far as I know..

  2. Same is the case with Nokia Lumia 920 which is available (unlocked) for $450 in US while it is expected to be priced at Rs. 35000 ($650) in India. Nexus 4 is available pre-order at Rs. 23790 (8GB) and Rs. 27490 (16GB) at eBay India which seems reasonable considering the price of other flagships (over Rs.30000).

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