Wherever officials have set limitations, independent developers have seen an opportunity and have taken the shot. Today we see one such case of the Windows 8 Start Screen, where the casual user can not only take advantage of a few coloring schemes and a certain set of background options, but a complete set of customization tools. Just like the Changer we saw a couple of weeks ago, Decor8 comes to increase the range of these customization options and allow owners to tweak the desktop a little more.

Although still in early beta stages, the Decor8 software can pick a background image for the Start Screen, a coloring scheme for those Windows 8 tiles and supply a simple, straight-forward method of altering tiles settings, right from the main panel. And this is just the start.


What can Decor8 do for Windows 8?

By default, Windows 8 can only provide 10 background images for the Start screen and a few pre-defined themes. Decor8 expands these options and tweaks the system, by changing the following:

  • Background images: the software comes with a wide range of its own background pictures but also allows importing personal images and even the creation of a custom slideshow, made up of several images. To obtain a fresher theme, Decor8 can randomize the selection and place and change the image at a set time interval, while fading the picture against the Start screen color (in a method similar to the transparency effect found in Windows 7).
  • Color schemes: once users have selected a background image, this software can automatically pick a coloring scheme for the rest of the elements which will surely match the background, even if this one changes from time to time. Those who do not wish a machine to pick for them can manually customize the theme, by selecting the colors of the background, accent, tiles and of the text.
  • Tile scheme: Decor8 can also modify the number, size and the placement scheme of tiles on the Start screen, giving users a better choice for space management.

At this moment, Decor8 is in a beta testing phase and can be used without paying a nickel, for 30 days. Those who still wish to use the software after this period will have to pay $4.99. The official trial can be found here.

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