When you want to share a video or a mp3 song or a photo album from your desktop to iPad, how do you go about it? Let me guess. Maybe you sync your iPad with the desktop or maybe email the media files to yourself or just upload them to the cloud, right? Well, each of these tasks take quite a lot of time. Moreover, cloud storage doesn’t come for free always. This is where Quik.io chimes in.

Quik.io is a free app for iPad (and coming soon to iPhone & Android) which you can use for instant access to any file on a PC or Mac. By ‘any file’ we mean video files, audio files, photos and documents. Quik.io lets you stream or download these files so that you can immediately enjoy viewing and listening to your content on your iPad.


Those of you familiar with AirPlayIt or AirVideo would be thinking, “what’s so special about this app”. Well, unlike these apps, Quik.io lets you stream, share & download variety of files (and not just videos). The best part of Quik.io is its intelligent algorithm, which can convert most media formats on the fly for streaming optimally on the iPad.

Unlike cloud storage & sharing services like Dropbox, Box.net & Google Drive, Quik.io does not require you to upload files to the cloud. In fact they don’t even store your files, and hence safer and free from privacy issues.


To get started, install Quik.io (server) on your PC or Mac. The installation is simple and straight-forward. You’re required to choose the folders you want to share with the iPad. You are required to register for a free account on Quik.io. This will be the account you are supposed to sign in on the iPad app. It’ll take a minute or two to index all the files inside the folders you’re sharing. Once done, you can easily browse through them on the iPad and access them with ease instantly!

If there is not enough bandwidth, you can choose a lower resolution, and Quik.io will convert the original file on the fly before sending the stream packets. If you are trying to connect to your PC/Mac remotely, Quik.io will stream the files through their servers (which they promise to be safe). What’s more? You can share media files with family and friends with easy “QuikSend” feature.


In our initial tests, setting up was brisk and sharing smaller files like Photos & documents were seamless. Streaming video though was little painful, as the app kept buffering after every few seconds. We figured out that the reason was that it tries to stream the content at 720p by default, so after reducing the resolution, we could stream the video without buffering issues. Another issue was with regards to the way it makes the connection with the PC/Mac. When we switched apps for a quick peek into the email/Facebook, and switched back to Quik.io, the app took some time to regain the connection, which was pretty annoying.

But then, this is v1 of the app, and the team plans to better the performance while adding more and more features. The iPad app can be downloaded for free for a limited time. So hurry up and give it a try before the app jumps to $2.99 in the near future.

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