An app that helps you spot the best deals around you? Yes, that’s exactly what the very appropriately-named Delight Circle app does for you. The app’s task is very simple – to spot different deals and new arrivals in shops and outlets around you.delightcircle

It is actually a bit magical. All you need to do is install the app, and log in either by registering (it’s free) or by simply using your Facebook login, and then specify the part of the town you are looking for deals, or simply (if you have given it permission), sit back and let the app do the searching for you.

You can choose from Shopping, Electronics, Grocery and Restaurants in your vicinity, and browse different outlets. Or if it is just offers and deals that you are interested in, simply head to the “Offers” section and get to browse a bigger variety of product categories (Footwear and Home Decor come into the equation).

delightcircle3You can tap a product, offer or store to get more details about it, share offers that you like on social networks, and even check out the geographical locations of stores. Top that off with points awarded for just walking into some stores (these add up to discounts later) and what you are looking at is one mean shopping app. If the app has a flaw, it is in that it depends mainly on dealers and retailers informing the developers about deals, so you are only going to see deals, arrivals and special offers from those who have tied up with the app’s developers.

Most of the popular outlets seem to have done so, but if you are looking for bargains from little-known or relatively small shops, be ready for a spot of disappointment. The app works brilliantly for electronics and DelightCircle2apparel in particular. Just remember that it drains a bit of battery (hey, it uses GPS) if used consistently for a long period of time.

All said and done, the perfect app for finding out which shop to visit in a crowded market (and there are ALL crowded these days). And well, it is free. We DID say it was very appropriately named!

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